Brooklyn Bell, a natural ice cream store, is coming to Classon, btwn Lincoln and EP — Brooklynian

Brooklyn Bell, a natural ice cream store, is coming to Classon, btwn Lincoln and EP

Brooklyn Bell

I took photos of the signs in the window just for you.



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    It is not a natural food store, as in a store that has a wide range of natural foods, but a natural ice cream store that also does oat bars.

    However, while I cannot yet vouch for either the ice cream or the oat bars, I have worked with one of the founders, so I can vouch for the niceness of the people. 
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    I fixed the title.

    So, will it be a natural ice cream place like Ample Hills Creamery on Vanderbilt ?

    ....with granola bars?

    Maybe more like Blue Marble on Underhill?

    Here's their website:

    Seems like they sell at a bunch of locations.
  • Awesome. I had their ice cream at Atlantic antic, and it was so good I took their business card to order from them directly. I never bothered, so I'm happy they decided to move close.
  • There seems to be a little bit of everything thrown in to the writeup...artisanal, minority owned, vegan, American made, etc.  It's all well and good, I personally spark to American made (machinery, etc) but above all else, value (doesn't mean cheap), but that magic combo of ambience, quality, service, price.  Ample Hills is not 'cheap', and those lines don't stop.

    I live on this block so am excited, and hopefully will cut down on all the trips I make to Ample Hills.  See you guys soon.

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    Goldemi1, I'm on the block, too. In the building on the sw corner of Lincoln and classon. Just checking whether you're one of my neighbors?!?
  • I'm in 255 e.pkwy.  so the physical block (which stretches to franklin), not the side the stores are on.  still close enough for this new place to be dangerous if its good.  i'll be upping my workout regimen.

  • Maybe it can be an integral part of your cool down.
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    Laura Palmer reports:

    ---> An entity called "The Local Ice Cream" applied for a kitchen inspection at 843 CLASSON AVENUE, between Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place. <--- Heights/39672/The+Local+Ice+Cream

    I wonder whether this will be their trade name.
  • Awesome. I had their ice cream at Atlantic antic, and it was so good I took their business card to order from them directly. I never bothered, so I'm happy they decided to move close.
    I sampled their wares at Perelandra a month ago. I found out they were moving close by at that time as well. Whoo hoo!
  • A source informs me that their freezers and display cases are in place, and they now merely await their initial inspection.

    ....and some ice cream, and teenagers to scoop said ice cream.
  • Hey folks, I'm the store manager at The Local. We're having soft openings this weekend, Noon-5 PM, and again next Friday-Sunday (same hours). Our grand opening is going to be May 24.

    Hope you all can make it out!
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    Welcome @Jazzle !

    When you open, your store will mean frozen treats on just about every avenue local to me:

    Vanderbilt: Ample hills
    Underhill: Blue Marble
    Washington: none :(
    Classon: The Local
    Franklin: Yogu Moo
    Bedford: none :(
    Nostrand: Tinto

    So many treats!
  • I went to the soft opening yesterday and the ice cream was divine. I had the sea salt caramel and the vanilla and it was really refreshing. The store manager was super friendly and I got a really nice feeling from the ice cream parlor. The Local is right across the street from my son's day care, so I am sure I will be stopping in a lot this summer!
  • Ms Whynot and I visited today.

    They make their ice cream on site, and have about 8 flavors. The space is pretty big, and could probably accommodate another freezer with more flavors.

    They are still in their soft opening stage.

    Ice cream was yummy.
  • If I were them, I would make the storefront more clearly state "ice cream".

    For example, put a big image of an ice cream cone in the window.
  • Totally agreed. Both the cone image and some old-timey style "Ice-Cream" signage would likely clarify what they're selling and help pull folks in, if made visible enough to be seen by folks strolling by several feet away, across the street on Classon or on Eastern Pkwy...
  • Every evening and weekend, I'd have a person wearing a poster and passing out flyers at Classon and EP.
  • Yep. I think what stands out on the sign is "LOCAL". Who cares? Owners if you're listening, be much more direct. "ICE CREAM" will bring in more business. "LOCAL" is a bonus.
  • Totally agree with "@lox"....And please understand that the feedback is given because we want you to succeed. 
  • I stopped by and made them aware of our unsolicited advice, and gave them some business cards.

  • I stopped by too to offer unsolicited advice.  I was going to enjoy the offerings but the toddler refused to wake up.  It looks really great in there.
  • I stopped by yesterday for the first time. The good news--the ice cream was really good! The bad news, the store was completely empty--I mean completely empty--no one behind the counter--for about 5 minutes. A couple of people waited for someone to appear; one left because it took too long. I agree about the sign in front--needs to say ICE CREAM. Also, while it is a good location (in the sense that it is close to a lot of people who would like their products and have the means to pay for them), there isn't enough foot traffic on that block to sustain the place, so it needs to becomes a destination. Some type of advertising needs to happen. Those of us who like what they are selling, and want them to succeed, should be posting favorable reviews--which is what I am going to do now.
  • My recollection having been twice so far was that the price/quantity ratio was off compared to other places....i.e. smaller scoops for more money.   I had wrongly assumed that being on classon would have meant lower rent and thus better prices.  

    I don't see how you can compete and survive on a low-traffic street if you dont really entice people somehow....big selection, great service, amazing icecream, great prices, amazing ambience, something.  get at least 2 of those right.  
  • Stopped in this past weekend and thought the ice cream was really, really good. Service was fantastic, too. Given the wait time at Ample Hills, I'd much rather go here. The prices strike me as slightly high, but they are also on par with the other ice cream places in the area. I suppose perhaps that is just the going rate for quality ice cream now? My only complaint is that, at least in the summer, they have to be open a little later at night. 
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    I loved the ice cream and the service was great, too. There is a play area in the back that my kid loved. I agree with other posters that the advertising should be better and there should be something that really catches your attention that tells you they sell ice cream. I actually had trouble finding it the first time I went.
  • Thanks for the update...I went in before they were officially open so it was a bit bare.  The play area sounds like a draw (for me) to keep the kiddo happy while we're there, as Ample Hill does.  So now 3 things attracting me: ice cream, service, play area

  • play area for kids? nice!!
  • It was small; more like a little table with toys and crayons and possibly a foam thingy next too it. It kept my kid occupied for quite a while. And I could eat my icecream in peace.
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    They have improved their window; it now announces Ice Cream.

    There is also a cone on the door.

    I'd like to think we helped them make reach these decisions. I did, after all, tell them my suggestions.

    Next step: Increase the number of Open hours. is summer, you should be open as much as Blue Marble on Underhill.
  • It was small; more like a little table with toys and crayons and possibly a foam thingy next too it. It kept my kid occupied for quite a while. And I could eat my icecream in peace.
    Yep.  Having that play table is nice.  My 2 run right for it when we go in.
  • I stopped in Saturday night around 9:30 pm after I left the Brooklyn Museum. Despite a posted closing time of 9:30 pm, it showed no signs of closing any time soon. Several other customers came in.

    I had the sweet potato cake, which was pretty good. 
  • Sweet potato cake?? Interesting!

    I hope they are going for more sweets/baked goods and coffee as we approach the fall/winter season..
  • Yes, your comments definitely inspired the signage. (I'm Kati, one of the co-owners and the Good Bar baker). The more feedback on all things, the better (and the more positive reviews also definitely helps :) ). We are working on expanding our baked goods menu and plan to start serving espresso drinks (just coffee/iced coffee now as far as caff. beverages go) as we get closer to fall. We have worked to make sure that our prices are in line with our competitors and in most cases coming in under the others. Starting out, it takes some time to figure out right portions, etc., since we're new to the scoop part of our business (have been doing wholesale for longer). Please come back in and check it out again, especially if you were one of the ones who came in only during our soft open and early couple months. Let us know if we're getting it right, and we'll be glad you did. Thanks for all the feedback!! Keep it coming and please keep spreading the word!!!
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