Silver Rice to open at 638 Park Place (near Franklin) - Brooklynian

Silver Rice to open at 638 Park Place (near Franklin)

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Construction is underway...     I've been told "some kind of asian.   Perhaps Ramen"


  • Finally something different on franklin
  • Talked to the owner this morning. It's opening Friday.

    Sushi to start. Later, Japanese small plates and, at night, a sake bar. 
  • Talked with the owner today. Very friendly. Positioning it as the first authentic Sushi place in the area. Handed us menus. In addition to sushi (which ranges from $6-$15), they also have beer, juices, and milk shakes. will be the website.
  • I was told they were planning to take over the old Owl 'n Thistle shop to make the restaurant L-shaped with a Frankline entrance as well.

    Either way, this sounds like a great addition to the area's restaurant options.
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    I didn't have phone with me to take a photo, but when I walked by they were Now Open!

    Looks like they were able to open before he had hoped.
  • Anyone been by here yet?  I'm curious as there's no yelp listing or any pics or reviews anywhere yet.  If this was the previous coffee place, I cant visualize how there is any room for a restaurant with seating.
  • They have a small space for seating. Menu looks really good. 
  • Thanks joshb, I'll swing by tomorrow.  If the place is good, I wonder if it'll be impossible to get seating, and maybe they'll expand or move. Gen sushi is already small enough!
  • This place is way beyond what I expected. The sushi is really, really good. And a really good deal too as the rolls are huge.

    They are going to put tables out front once the weather is nicer which will be good for drawing attention and foot traffic from Franklin.

    This place is going to do very well. The food is phenomenal and the word will spread.

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    Tried it last night. Excellent!
  • Just a bump for these guys... I've now been 3 times, and I cannot overstate how good this sushi is. I think the traffic is a little slower than hoped for given the spot being off the avenue.  Summer should help as they have outdoor seating space that should attract a little more attention.

    I'd hate to see them not make it.  They are good people, and the sushi is amazing.  Check the glowing Yelp reviews so far:

  • The sushi is really good, but they make no concessions to their audience: the one time I went in there, with something already in mind to try and in all honesty starving and tired, I was thrown by the unfamiliarity of the menu, and when I asked for suggestions, I got a whole spiel about how "we're a different sort of sushi restaurant, if you want basic rolls, maybe you should go somewhere else" along with some great food recommendations. So: expensive, unusual, and (at least when I went there) no delivery.

    Great sushi, let me clear -- the rolls I had were both delicious and unusual. But they have a vision for this place that's a little different from what the average customer expects on first walking in, and that could contribute to the slower traffic as well. 
  • I suspect that the closure of its neighbor, Park Place Coffee, also has impacted the number of people who walk by it slow enough to familiarize themselves with it.

    They may need to figure out how to put a chalk board in front of the store on the corner of Franklin and Park.    Give the owner some free sushi or something... 

  • If they would start doing delivery I'm sure they could get a lot more business.
    I know I would order from them but they are just a little too far of a walk for me when I have so many other closer options.

  • Silver Rice is opening a second location in PLG on Flatbush next to Midwood Flats. Should be open in 1 month.
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