Acupuncture for Franklin Avenue?
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    The acupuncture center and seasonal eatery is slated to rise on the increasingly trendy Franklin Avenue.

    DNAInfo wrote: They are in lease negotiations for a space on Franklin Avenue — on the border of their neighborhood and Crown Heights — to open Mountain, an acupuncture clinic, Chinese herbal pharmacy, and venue for art and performance. It will also house Apothecary Kitchen, offering meals like mugwort dumplings with lamb and pine nuts, house made Kombucha teas and organic baby food.


    more reading:

    Think they will raise the money required to open?

    Think they will be able to pay rent on an ongoing basis after they open?

  • scanning my brain for abandoned chinese restaurants on Franklin, and...

    ding! The one that used to be next the Associated on Franklin & Crown (?). around the corner from Medgar Evers. Across the street from the not-Ebbets-Field houses.

    this could be very, very interesting.

  • You have just described 903 Franklin Avenue. It is one story! Nicely done!

    DNAInfo wrote: Finally, their long search turned up a one-story building with roof rights for a garden.

    “We are excited by the irony that we will, if all goes well, be taking over a now abandoned Chinese restaurant,” McCauley said.

  • I'm always excited to see development at one of the many empty storefronts on that block, but I'm slightly skeptical about the prospects of a...what was it?...acupuncture/health food/art venue? in this neck of the woods.

  • Whenever someone opens a business as a result of a kickstarter appeal, I am very suspicious about their resources and ability to create to sustainable business model.

    ...but I wish them only the best.

  • And can I just say that mugwort dumplings with lamb and pine nuts sounds like something you would find at Hogwarts?

  • Bitter & Esters on Washington started with a Kickstarter appeal, and they seem to be doing just fine.

    That having been said, as a longtime Kickstarter backer, I'm underwhelmed by their appeal -- the vision is kind of all over the place; they don't get specific at all until you reach the FAQs, which defeats the purpose of the Kickstarter page; I learned more about their project from the DNAinfo article than from their pledge page, which is bad. And if people are giving you money for things, you shouldn't insist that they come to you for their reward; it's bad form, and limits your backer pool. You can build the cost of shipping into the pledge.

    ...but yes, I wish them great success, however they move forward.

  • sign up in the window of the ex-chinese-restaurant in question as of (at least) yesterday.

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  • Here is their website:

    The previous restaurant had a "c" grade, so if they can do better than that, it's a welcome addition just from a health perspective. Even without their herbal apothecary. :)

  • As I read the website, this place seems as if it is going to try to be a "destination".

    -People will travel some distance to spend a few hours receiving treatment, much like a spa.

    This should be interesting to watch, because my sense is that Franklin Avenue between EP and Atlantic is now able attract such business, yet rent is simultaneously too expensive for them to survive. Needless to say, this location is between EP and Empire.

    Is the cache of Franklin between EP and Atlantic, strong enough that this place (beween EP and Empire) is viable?

  • I had figured this place was just another failed kickstarter BUT i walked by the other day and they are actually doing "something" in there.
  • I perceive this business as being an example of the entities betting on different residents moving into Trivoli Towers.
  • According to their Facebook page, the acupuncture clinic is now open. They will also arrange classed starting next week...starting with meditation classes and workshop.

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