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Crown Heights Shop Grand Opening!

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Come join us! More details at Reclaimed Home blog.


  • Storefronts are allowed to open without my permission or knowledge.

    It is actually encouraged.
  • @whynot_31, I paged you because this business is near one of the Crown Heights sites that you are watching. New businesses are a good thing. :)
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    Indeed they are.

    It also interesting to read that this new business (Reclaimed Home) perceives some long term businesses as taking their customers for granted:

    "At the moment, the north side of Eastern Parkway is lined with trendy new restaurants, trendy new cafes, trendy new shops, trendy new bars. You get the point. Cross Eastern Parkway and it’s like stepping back in time to ungentrified NYC (the one we miss!) But that’s changing rapidly. Let’s just say that we’re not the only new kids on the block. About 70% of the walk in customers just moved to the neighborhood. As for the old timers, they’ve been awesome! They’re very supportive and appreciative of a new type of business that differs from the bodegas, check cashing places and beauty salons on the avenue. Not that there’s anything wrong with those businesses, although we have purchased items at some of the food places that were less than fresh. Sorry, but we wouldn’t be upset to see these places lose business to new ventures who actually respect their customer base."
  • Thanks, Why Not! 
  • This place is cool. Lots of great art and collectibles at great prices.
  • Thanks, Mike! I heard you got the remnants of the tattoo parlor.  A piece of Brooklyn history? 
  • Sounds like a neat place and i'll be sure to check it out....   word of advice, I'd try to make nice with the existing businesses, they may be some of your best customers.    

    "An apothecary kitchen called I Love Mountain will be opening up right around the corner from us, next door to an Associated market that is kind of sucky. We’re psyched that we won’t die of food poisoning in that foodie wasteland after all."
  • Sage advice.

    BTW, here's where we are talking about that acupuncture place, I Love Mountain:
  • Thanks, Mike! I heard you got the remnants of the tattoo parlor.  A piece of Brooklyn history? 
    Ha. I guess so...

    I can't wait to see it on the wall. It should look really cool.
  • Reclaimed home has many great items. I especially love the artwork and the repurposed furniture.

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