LaunchPad Changing Focus
  • I was looking to put up an art show at LaunchPad in the coming months and contacted Zane to secure a date after I noticed their website had very little going on for May (it's always booked up) and nothing on the calendar past May. Sadly the response I received was that LaunchPad are no longer doing events and will be re-purposed this summer. I asked about what the future holds but did not get a response, anyone know what is going on with the space? I'm sad it will no longer be a meeting place in the community. I went to some really good things there over the years from readings to crafting to live music to community acupuncture. 

    Does anyone else have an ideas for somewhere to host a group art show as well? It could be up for as little as one night (with the day or prior night for set up).
  • Try Five Myles Gallery, on St Johns near Classon.
  • Thanks whynot, I sent them a message. A little digging found they were taking submissions in February for summer events though, but fingers crossed.

    Any idea what the future holds for LaunchPad?
  • The owner, Mike K, views this place as his "gift to the community", and does not need to break even on it.

    It concerns him that it is not packed or appreciated to the degree he would like.

    ...not sure what would make him feel he was "doing the most good"
  • Global Square, an art collective which will open on Dean Street next fall, is taking submissions now for fall shows:

    They're also giving tours of their space under construction and seem to be eager to begin using it - perhaps it's worth asking if they'd host you as a summer pop-up show, even in their half-finished space?
  • It should be interesting to see whether this new entity:

    A. Impacts a bakery very close by, Lily and Fig.

    B. Is open enough that it must comply with DOH regs re: venting, a commercial oven, inspections, etc.
  • Mike Fagan (whynot_31), you never cease to amaze me. Every time I am convinced you are the biggest jackass I've ever encountered, you manage to outdo yourself.

    Please discontinue misquoting me and pretending that you know anything about my business or personal affairs.

    -Michael Kunitzky
  • @superhero 

    You may also want to try Meta Gallery:,+Brooklyn,+NY

    It is located over and St. Johns and Kingston, and the owner (Ron Taylor) seems to let it out on occasion.

  • I thought he was just going to use the space as a studio for his foray into documentary film-making? 

    Is that incorrect, Mike K?

    Could always go to Shoestring Press on Classon and Bergen. The guy in charge there, Lane Sell, I think would be happy to host an art event.

  • "A rotating assortment of BK17 breads sells for $9.50 to $12.50 per loaf at Bklyn Larder on Flatbush Avenue."

    Wow! What's in the dough? Gold? LOL

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