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Pink light post at underhill and sterling

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So the light post at underhill and sterling in front of the old bodega has been painted pink about half way up. Does anyone know why? There are some spray paint marks on the pavement, leading me to think they might be doing some work, but why paint the post?


  • And a fire hydrant and parking sign on Underhill btwn Park and Prospect. And the bell-like bollards in the traffic island on Vanderbilt & Park! Made me smile on my way to work. I think likely a prank instead of the start of an overthrow of the government, but the unexpectedness - -particularly as it was pepto-bismol pink - makes it rather delightful to me!
  • I noticed the bollards at Vanderbilt & Park last night and I thought about this post.  I'm not super jazzed up by the idea--it seems little different than vandalism.
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    Spray paint was definitely used:

    Underhill   image
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    Underhill, by the playground
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  • This seems to be his/her tag:

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    Vanderbilt, by Brandedimage
  • Also the Washington and Bergen street signs in front of St Catherine.
  • Let's not spread the tag around digitally.  Doesn't deserve any publicity.
  • My son also noticed that the big white left turn arrow on the street surface at Vanderbilt at St. Marks was filled in pink.

    That cracked me up even though I don't want to encourage anyone.
  • This seems to be his/her tag:

    You are incorrect.
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    Does what I thought was the tag precede this painting spree?

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of awesome?
  • I like it too.  I just wish a different color was chosen.  I would love a bright lime green.  I don't like the pink so much.
  • I do wonder if people dislike it to the degree that they have called 311.

    If they haven't, I expect it to be around for everyone to enjoy or despise for quite sometime.
  • Saw a couple yesterday.  It's not the most offensive 'tag' (a tag usually means writing your 'name' because youre seeking attention no?), its just kinda poorly done, and still is vandalism.  Looks better in the pics. 

    I wonder how the people who like this would feel if it was done right in front of their home, especially if they own. 

  • I do own, and it is right near my home. I think it gives our 'hood some character.
  • I do not own, but I would be quite happy if it was in front of my residence.  (Except for possibly the color, as stated above).  In general I quite like large installation pieces, authorized or not.  
  • I saw a guy with a clipboard and a camera taking several pictures of the crosswalk signal at Vanderbilt this afternoon. He had that contractor look. 
  • It's private property, I guess it'll be fixed, at taxpayers expense. Good job "artists". Thanks
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    Group in Johannesburg called  Beware of Colour  paints stuff pink in Johannesburg.

    Note that we observed the tag #bewareofcertanity near the Brooklyn paintings.

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