DJ Noble, 347-365 Lincoln Place
  • I'm posting in regards to a strange situation taking place weekly on the Lincoln/St. John's blocks between Washington and Underhill.  There is a DJ by the name of DJ Noble, who seems to have a DJ radio show taking place a few times a week.  He broadcasts his show from his apartment with professional DJ equipment, and it contains reggae music and shouting at obscene volumes.  It seems to be getting worse in recent weeks.  The DJ lives in 347-365 Lincoln Place toward the back of the building on either the 1st or 2nd floor.  It's difficult to ascertain exactly which floor the music is coming from, but it is so loud that it can be heard clearly in adjacent buildings on St. John's Place.  

    Yesterday, the content of this show became extremely offensive with racist comments about white people, getting rid of newcomers, selling more drugs as a deterrent to people moving into his "hood", and even threats to urinate in the yards of the buildings on St. John's Place.  I have it all recorded.

    Has anyone on here heard this DJ?  It is so loud that it can be heard up and down the block both on the north side of Lincoln and the south side of St. John's.  Hoping someone can offer some guidance on this escalating situation.  I know loud music is part of living in the city and that some of you will tell me I should move back to Ohio or something.  However, this is offensive and disruptive to what must be hundreds of residents lining our blocks.  Loud music is fine, but it doesn't have to be THIS loud and it doesn't have to be offensive to so many people who are minding their own business.  311 complaints and discussions with the 77 have been somewhat helpful but not enough to stop this from happening.
  • The DJ seems to be fighting a losing battle.

    ...I am thinking that giving him a scholarship to a good Economics class might help.
  • Do you know how his show is broadcasted? My guess is its probably online. However, if it's via radio a call to the FCC might be in order. Also ask your neighbors if they know where it is coming from.
  • Go to the building and check out the management info in the lobby to get in contact with the owners. Talk to the super - unless this is the super, to pinpoint the exact apartment. Its not hard to get into the building usually, and you can locate the exact apartment from the inside.  Police will respond more if they have an exact location.  An amplified sound system is a bigger deal than just a noise complaint.   Also attend the precinct council meetings to discuss this problem with the "top brass".  This will be more helpful than just calling the police or 311.  The racist angle is also interesting.  Good thing you have a recording.  Call your assembly or council person and ask for help.  Get more neighbors to call in complaints.  I had numerous neighbors call in simultaneous complains for better police response. Granted this guys days are numbered, but still it is a bitch hearing all the noise..  
  • Thank for the recommendations.  The weekend went by with no music from Mr. Noble, so I'm hoping things are moving in the right direction.  The police have actually responded and indicated they've taken action to "correct the condition."  We'll see what happens.  
  • hey! whatever happened to DJ Noble?
  • He's been off the air for a couple weeks.  No idea if someone made him stop or if it's just a coincidence.  Hoping to never hear from him again.

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