DJ Noble, 347-365 Lincoln Place
  • I'm posting in regards to a strange situation taking place weekly on the Lincoln/St. John's blocks between Washington and Underhill.  There is a DJ by the name of DJ Noble, who seems to have a DJ radio show taking place a few times a week.  He broadcasts his show from his apartment with professional DJ equipment, and it contains reggae music and shouting at obscene volumes.  It seems to be getting worse in recent weeks.  The DJ lives in 347-365 Lincoln Place toward the back of the building on either the 1st or 2nd floor.  It's difficult to ascertain exactly which floor the music is coming from, but it is so loud that it can be heard clearly in adjacent buildings on St. John's Place.  

    Yesterday, the content of this show became extremely offensive with racist comments about white people, getting rid of newcomers, selling more drugs as a deterrent to people moving into his "hood", and even threats to urinate in the yards of the buildings on St. John's Place.  I have it all recorded.

    Has anyone on here heard this DJ?  It is so loud that it can be heard up and down the block both on the north side of Lincoln and the south side of St. John's.  Hoping someone can offer some guidance on this escalating situation.  I know loud music is part of living in the city and that some of you will tell me I should move back to Ohio or something.  However, this is offensive and disruptive to what must be hundreds of residents lining our blocks.  Loud music is fine, but it doesn't have to be THIS loud and it doesn't have to be offensive to so many people who are minding their own business.  311 complaints and discussions with the 77 have been somewhat helpful but not enough to stop this from happening.
  • The DJ seems to be fighting a losing battle.

    ...I am thinking that giving him a scholarship to a good Economics class might help.
  • Do you know how his show is broadcasted? My guess is its probably online. However, if it's via radio a call to the FCC might be in order. Also ask your neighbors if they know where it is coming from.
  • Go to the building and check out the management info in the lobby to get in contact with the owners. Talk to the super - unless this is the super, to pinpoint the exact apartment. Its not hard to get into the building usually, and you can locate the exact apartment from the inside.  Police will respond more if they have an exact location.  An amplified sound system is a bigger deal than just a noise complaint.   Also attend the precinct council meetings to discuss this problem with the "top brass".  This will be more helpful than just calling the police or 311.  The racist angle is also interesting.  Good thing you have a recording.  Call your assembly or council person and ask for help.  Get more neighbors to call in complaints.  I had numerous neighbors call in simultaneous complains for better police response. Granted this guys days are numbered, but still it is a bitch hearing all the noise..  
  • Thank for the recommendations.  The weekend went by with no music from Mr. Noble, so I'm hoping things are moving in the right direction.  The police have actually responded and indicated they've taken action to "correct the condition."  We'll see what happens.  
  • hey! whatever happened to DJ Noble?
  • He's been off the air for a couple weeks.  No idea if someone made him stop or if it's just a coincidence.  Hoping to never hear from him again.
  • Is DJ Noble still around?
  • Yes he is... smh, it would be childish to respond to JAB. But I will say thanks for the free promotion. It is funny how lies are easily spread through the malicious intention of another. First let me say, I love all races black, white, brown, purple and green (I'm a Star Trek baby) I almost forgot peach, my daughter always say "daddy I'm not white or black, I'm peach!".

    Throughout history there has always been that agitator... go out and spread lies to bring forth another's demise.

    On the day in question someone was playing music from a building located in the St. John/Lincoln Pl ( Underhill&Washington) vacinity. I'm not sure what apartment but it was playing one of my shows that was previously recorded and broadcast. Someone yelled "turn that shit off, no one wants to hear that nig@% r music" I heard and saw the two people yelling because it pulled my attention, I felt famous one minute and in seconds racism crushed the support of my fan.
    The music stopped and a yelling match took place. Don't be an agitator... the truth will set you free. @whynot_31 pay for the class ass hole, we need education in this neighborhood and not ignorance, or are you one of the blood suckers? @Tsarina there will be no lynching today, keep your math skills to yourself. You people are pathetic.
  • katecast said:

    hey! whatever happened to DJ Noble?

    He seems like he is his own worst enemy.
  • I think that everyone can judge for themselves who is pathetic.  
  • Is there a way to post audio recordings on this website? I think the recordings will clarify what took place and how the DJ was responding in real time and interrupting his live show to make racist, anti-white comments through the obnoxiously loud sound system.
  • Not that I know of.

    You'd probably have to upload them to a 3rd party site (such as YouTube) and then link them here.

    However, I think doing so would just be a distraction. As far as I know, there are no laws regarding the content of speech and music in NYC.

    One merely needs to have the authorities take action re: the speech and music being too loud.

    Then, the following fine schedule applies:

  • I don't understand why you guys are so worked up about a "Dj playing music" Lol... and it's not like he's playing every day... the last time I checked this was America and we have the "freedom of speech"... obviously we have you guys on here bored trying to find a purpose in your lives!
  • I actually don't think anyone is very worked up. is a simple noise violation. It happens all the time in NYC.

  • I, for one, is in full support of this DJ noble. I live around the same area and I love the music he plays, and his views are similar to many who are from the area, although he is the only who broadcasts his feelings openly to people like Mr "JAB." Now I happen to have heard this yelling match and honestly it could've been prevented very easily, but numerous egos were at war. Now mr "jab" plays this innocent, tenant role, which he would've have been had he not instigated the situation. To mr "jab" , do you personally handle all the noise complaints in the area? I thought your police department was here for that. unless you do, you would have no other reason to push your head out the window and get into a verbal confrontation with anyone, especially residents who've been here in this "minority" vicinity for some time now. The people (it was not just dj noble talking back) who started to yell back at JAB didn't even know what happened, it was the energy and and vulgar tone of JAB that triggered that yelling match. "TURN THAT SHIT OFF," was the first words uttered, " followed by "GO BACK TO YOUR FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD," which another angry tenant, other than dj noble, said to JAB. Now also, the gentrification of this neighborhood plays a big role in this "simple noise complaint." Quite frankly, I applaud DJ noble for his stand, before people like Mr "jab" came in the area, noise complaints were simple block parties, and a "crowd of African American males congregating" was simply recreation. Before they came to gentrify our area the necessities of life were easily abundant, but now the inflation of things like grocery prices and rent slowly but surely pushes us away. So to mr. DJ Noble, I thank u for letting these people know our deepest thoughts and feelings, and to Mr JAB, would u rather hearing these honest feelings from a passive dj in his house? Or an ignorant "nigga" who would much rather kick in your front door, rob you blind, and tell you to get the FUCK out of their neighborhood?

    An Educated Observer.
  • The choice between hearing a DJ express their honest feelings and being robbed seems increasingly false, meaning that with each passing day the chances of either seems to grow slimmer.

    Every month, one can see the Uhaul trucks on Lincoln Place and St Johns.  If they are unpacking the truck, chances are that they are white.   If they are packing, chances are that they are black.  

    Yes, noise complaints that take place throughout NYC have much to do with gentrification.   It has brought individuals from races and social classes which have long disliked each other into close contact.  To the extent possible, each uses whatever means at their disposal to get their wishes met.   

    Given the power and wealth differentials, I certainly understand DJ Noble's attempt to make the area as undesirable as possible by being loud and honest.   It keeps rents down.   Such catharsis is likely even good for his mental health.    However, it is unlikely to stop the massive demographic shift that is occurring, and puts him at risk of a fine.   

    In his mind, the choice between such catharsis and the risk of a fine might be an easy one. Regardless, I hope he makes the choice that is best for him.  
  • Noble people let me tell you: )
    please don't lose your breath and positive energy because of some miserable internet trolls that have clearly nothing better to do than gather all their negativity into this pathetic blog!..
    Word on the street is simple summertime garden bbqs are being shut down - on weekend AFTERNOONS no less! - due to new invaders calling in complaints and who seem to feel hate when others are having a good time!
    Caribbean culture is a celebration of LIFE!
    Outsiders who look upon people of color won't ever be able to share this JOY!
  • It is not just word on the street, I have seen it with my own eyes!

    It could be in response to people calling in complaints, or it could be the police acting under standing orders, but they are definitely shutting down parties that are occurring along St. Johns and Lincoln in the afternoons.

    These BBQs are being shut down despite not having really loud music, or rowdy, drunken people. 

    It is as if the police are testing the residents to see if they will take a swing at them or give them some other excuse to arrest them.

    The residents rarely fight back, not because they think the police are right, but because they know that a few days in jail or a fine means that they will lose the $ to pay for the apartment they are already barely able to pay for.    

    Landlords will try to evict people for being just DAYS late on their rent now, whereas they used to give people a break.    Now they want to serve the whites, and get the big money.        
  • Woah this is getting good! All the Brooklynian haters together in once super fun thread! Pass the popcorn!

    I don't hate it when others have a good time and have never called in a noise complaint for parties going on in the afternoon. However the parties that start in the afternoon seem to often go to 3 am or later loud drunks, sleep barring bass and all. I guess the NYPD is trying nip these parties in the bud. 

    I suspect if I was to take a scientific survey of both new residents and long term residents both would probably pretty strongly agree with the idea that getting a good night's sleep is important. As well as that they dislike noise that prevents such sleep from occurring.
  • Again with the automatic double posts? Really?! 
  • Yes.

    The bbqs I have seen being shut down were large. The police aren't bothering the small ones.

    I suspect that is part of what is behind the afternoon police not wanting to leave it for the night shift.

    Whether one views it as harassment or proactive policing, all of this (police issuing noise violations to people with loud music systems, police breaking up bbqs, neighbors telling neighbors to leave the neighborhood) seems to relate to a decrease in violence in the area:

    - The police have more time enforce laws that have been unenforced. The police have more time to "test" local BBQ participants.

    - People feel comfortable expressing their true feelings to each other, knowing that the chance they will be hurt for doing so is very slim.

    It is quite a show. Once it gets cool and people shut their windows, it will probably be less intense.
  • I'm trying to figure out what's all the hoopla about a DJ Noble. I literally live right next door and have had no complaints in the past few months. Ppl need to live and let live instead of focusing on the negativity. How long has everyone lives in our neighborhood? If you have been here for a while you would know we are all young professional attempting to accomplish goals. Who's to say what should be allowed and not allowed. Their was mention about big money and a reference to whites... Is this a racist type of thread, or a thread to keep this community thriving? I for one do exceptionally well for myself and my family and pay perfect rent. If you guys want to pay 4500 to 16000 in rent than your more than welcome to it, but for me im living the dream
  • I am with you, @Moodyblues .    

    ....the smart landlords see only one color:   Green.   

    And they fill their apartments with whomever they believe will deliver it reliably and with the least hassle.   

    What seems to have changed, is that in the current environment, landlords do not hesitate to take a tenant to court for even petty stuff.

    They do this because they know that they can fill the apartment quickly, and for likely more money.   So, tenants who were once needed and tolerated, no longer are.   

    This influx of green is what places DJ Noble at risk, and likely a big part of what upsets him.   He accurately sees who is coming in, and their predominant light hue.   

    Do they all have that hue? Thankfully, no.

    In terms of hoopla, there is a lot of it whenever a neighborhood goes thru radical racial and/or class transformations.   

    In this case, the DJ and his neighbor(s?) just need to decide how to proceed in light of the known risks.   Some will make what I consider to be bad decisions, but be "best for them" in terms of catharsis.

    The police will hopefully use very objective measures, like a sound meter.    For better or worse, it doesn't care how long someone has lived in the neighborhood.

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