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From KFC To TD Bank

According to the Q at Parkside, TD Bank is coming to the old site of KFC on Bedford Avenue (across the street from Ebbets Field).


  • That picture also looks like it was from before the Burger King moved in across the street on Bedford and Sullivan.

    I think this is a promising step in the right direction. The KFC spot has been boarded up and vacant for months. At least it's not another fast food joint. :mrgreen:

  • I'm kinda surprised the Checkers/Rally's place hasn't ever opened by McDonalds.

  • The Checkers site has some DOB violations (and fines) on it that are still open, but apparently no stop work orders. The street address for the site is apparently 43 Empire Boulevard, by the way.

  • edited March 2014

    We jabbered about Checkers here:

    Congrats on getting a bank! Hopefully folks will use it as opposed to those check cashing places.

  • Of course. Right after I got rid of TD for being too lazy to go to the Park Slope branch (the nearest one)

  • I walked past the former KFC over the weekend (Late August 2013) and can confirm there is now a construction fence complete with banners that say "TD Bank Coming Soon"

  • The KFC it's almost gone now. There is a kind of shell left... after a long wait it looks like this bank will arrive soon.
  • The pole that held the KFC sign still stands. I can't see TD Bank repurposing it to hold its own sign. I don't think enough has been done to renovate the existing structure to make me forget that it used to be a KFC. :) 

    I wonder whether this TD Bank will keep the drive-through function too. 
  • Bump!

    The KFC it's almost gone now. There is a kind of shell left... after a long wait it looks like this bank will arrive soon.
    I see what you were talking about . Yesterday I passed by the site.  They seem to be gutting at least half of the building. It's only visible from a gap in the fence on Sullivan. 
  • Also, some people may be glad to hear that the check cashing place on the corner of the same block has gone out of business and the store front is for rent. Hopefully the bank can offer better alternatives.
  • Yesterday I noticed that the TD Bank sign is up on the pole. :) 
  • Workers busy at the site today. Second photo is of the new TD Bank sign.

  • I met a TD representative at a health fair at Medgar Evers College today. She said there will a grand opening celebration the weekend of June 21. 
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