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The part of the Old Brewery that is becoming a huge complex (Franklin & Dean)

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    Oct 3, 2013

    Heads up Boys and Girls!

    A large part of the complex just went up for sale:  The northern portion that lines Dean. .

    <small>View Larger Map</small>

    You'll need $18M.

    If you take the affordable housing incentive, you'll receive over 100,000 BSF!

    If you just build market, you get around 75k BSF.

    Here are the addresses it shares with Franklin Avenue:

    606, 608, 610, 612, 614 Franklin

    Make sure to look at the pdf above to get a sense of which buildings we are talking about.


  • Brownstoner says the owner did NOT list the Brewery itself - the amazing old brick edifice on Bergen - and plans to convert it himself to residential and retail.

    If this is true this is excellent news. Presumably the proceeds from the sale of the (architecturally) less-significant parcels on Dean Street can subsidize his costs to stabilize and renovate the brewery.

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    This pdf shows which of the buildings are for sale:

    The big brick buildings that line Bergen are not for sale. The ones that line Dean are for sale

    We discuss the brick portions of the site here:
  • If I can be slightly ignorant for a second here (and I know there's a separate "new Crown Heights zoning" thread...but in a sentence or two, what about the new zoning (which actually puts limits on new building heights, right?) - would likely have motivated the seller to list this property post zoning amendment?

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    While height restrictions were imposed, this lot was given the ability to build a greater Floor Area Ratio, which impacts buildable sq ft.

    The FAR can now be further increased if the developer chooses to participate in an affordable housing program.

    The definition of "affordable" that must be abided by isn't very strict by my definition. Hence, the developer might go for it....

  • Very good question notsayin. The FAR is the story but the big change doesn't depend on the inclusionary housing (affordable). The FAR for this lot went from 2.43 to 3.45 as of right or 4.6 if they add the affordable component.

    The trade off is that city planning dictates the building height (80') and the setback (R7A with the A being very important).

    No longer can someone build a similar building to that tower on St. Marks surrounded by a parking lot. The building has to line up with the walls of the others. So the city is basically telling developers to build buildings that are similar in mass, scale, and street experience to the historic buildings. The quid pro quo is that owners can build more on these lots now. Plus if they include affordable units (restricted to families makeing less than 80% of Area Median Income ~ $49k I think) they can build even more. Typically this is incentive enough for them to build the units.

  • Also forgot to mention that the new zoning doesn't have the same open space (usually a parking lot or grass) requirements as the old. This makes possible building denser buildings that are ultimately more marketable and attractive to retail.

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    I agree with everything vaportrail wrote.

    And will add that although it won't be ready until 2-3 years from now, I expect the first floor to provide some Class A commercial space.

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    TerraCRG is trying to get bidders to line up...

    Hi (real name),

    As you may already know, my team is marketing the mixed-use development site located at 608 Franklin Avenue on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Dean Street in Brooklyn. The property is zoned R7A which allows for up to 4.6 FAR with inclusionary housing bonus, giving the project a total of 100,875 buildable SF. The 21,929 SF site has 141 feet of frontage on Franklin Avenue.

    The Preliminary Bid deadline for the property is this Friday, November 1st @ 2 PM. If you are planning to bid, please email me for the full Offering Memo and feel free to give me a call to discuss.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Ofer Cohen | Founder & President | TerraCRG | 592 Pacific Street, Suite B | Brooklyn, NY 11217 |

    T: 718-768-6888 | F: 917-591-8206 | | | @ofercohen

    TerraCRG is hiring

    Sadly, I don't think I have enough in my checking account to handle this.

  • See how they feel about $20.

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    Readers, this development is one of the Big Developments happening in western Crown Heights in 2014 that we will watching closely. To learn about the others, see this thread:

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    The brick buildings that line Bergen Street are not for sale.
  • I had no idea that there were lagering caves beneath the brewery. Too bad this event is sold out; it sounds pretty cool:*Sat., March 1, 2014: Cold Comfort: Lagers in the Historic Nassau Brewery Lagering Caves (Atlantic Ave @ Washington Ave, Brooklyn, $45, SOLD OUT)-Brooklyn was once a borough of blue-collar industry that made ships, Sweet'N Low, and, above all, beer. By the end of the 1970s, though, the brewing industry had vanished. Majestic brick structures fell into disrepair, and though the buildings may have since been renovated, many of the lagering tunnels sat untouched and sealed. Until now!In Crown Heights, the old Nassau Brewery has taken on a new life. At long last, the 1860s-era lagering tunnels have been uncovered, and stairs installed. Join host Joshua M. Bernstein (author of The Complete Beer Course and host of the NYC homebrew tours) as he heads down into the lagering tunnels; the group will be among the first people to venture underground in a century. Learn the history of the brewery and drink lagers by Brooklyn Brewery, KelSo, SingleCut Beersmiths, Bitter & Esters, several homebrewers and Maine's Bunker Brewing.Part of the 6th annual New York City Beer Week:
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    ^very cool.   Sorry I missed it^

    Returning to repurposing, the listing for the site was last updated in early February and there is a large TerraCRG banner on the property, making me suspect that that no contract on the site has yet been signed.

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    Heads up!

    The link that describes the portion for sale was updated 6 days ago 
    and now reports "In Contract":

    Here we go!
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    Check out how the owners of the adjoining building (not part of the property that is for sale) is going to use the caves:
  • Wow! Never could have imagined that in Crown Heights. But it's so cool that the tunnels are being used after 100 years.
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    In about 3 months, I expect the real estate press to provide us a rendering of what the "for sale" part of this site will become.

    I expect apartments as nice as those about to lease at Franklin and EP.

    ...but far more of them.
  • A little birdie has told me the property may officially change hands (i.e. "close") prior to the end of May.    
  • According to Brownstoner:
    An eight-story mixed-use building is coming to the corner of Dean and Franklin in Crown Heights, on the site of a former brewery. NY YIMBY first spotted new building applications for the 119-unit development at 1036-1042 Dean Street.The ODA Architecture-designed build will have 100,629 square feet total, including 81,880 square feet of residential space and 18,749 square feet of commercial.
    More at
  • For a sense of perspective, this new building will contain about TWICE the amount of retail SF, and residential SF as the new building at 341 Eastern Parkway.
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    I just did a quick search to see if renderings were up on the site of ODA Architecture yet.

    Nope, not yet. But I suspect they will be soon.

    BTW, the building may face Dean, not Franklin: 1037 Dean, as opposed to 608 Franklin.

    I expect a predemolition construction fence soon. This site and the garage on St. John's (near the shuttle tracks) look like they will be demolished this Fall.
  • Last week, the site seems to have been sold from one LLC to another for $17.5M

    No word on whether the new entity will design a new building, or just use the already developed plans.    
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    Another old photo of the site, standing on Franklin, looking west on Dean:

    Published by Curbed today.

    Note, some of these brick buildings appear to have been replaced by other buildings. The "new" buildings are now in a state of disrepair.
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    Note, the front of the building will be on Dean, not Franklin. However, they are going to use 608 Franklin as its address.


    608 Franklin Avenue
    120 apartments, 20% below market rate.
  • It's beautiful.
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    It is able to be bigger than "as of right" as a result of taking the FAR bonus and agreeing to have 20% of the units be below market rate.

    It is the first building in the area in a long time to take the bonus in exchange for the greater size.

  • I love those windows. Its like one of those condo-conversions in Vinegar Hill.
  • Yes, it has the feel of a factory conversion and 1 Grand Army Plaza at the same time.
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    The architecture firm for this building now has it featured on their website:

    "Project Name: 608 Franklin Ave
    Location: Brooklyn, NY 11238
    Project Size: 135,000 SF
    Project Features: 120 new apartments (a mix of studio, one and two bedroom units), 24 targeted to moderate and middle-income families, 96 market price, two spacious, green roof terraces, gym and lounge.
    Architecture: ODA
    Interior Design: ODA"

  • Despite a demolition permit being approved by NYC back in July, demolition of these buildings have not yet begun. AVENUE&allnumbhous=608
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    While demo hasn't yet started, it's so refreshing to see the blocks of Dean/Pacific between Grand and Franklin getting filled in/improved (though, to be sure, there's a lot to develop still)!
  • The foot traffic from 1000 Dean and Berg'n is quite noticeable.

    When the new building near Compare opens in the summer, the effect will grow further.
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    Plywood fence arrived a few days ago:

  • Demolition began today, Jan 19. Metro is written on the back of the excavator. White car belongs to the engineer.

    Crown Heights, this should go pretty quickly

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    Today, it was revealed how the "old brick" parts of this site that line Bergen will be saved, and they earned a new thread:
  • See any good artifacts that it's worth bribing the demolition men with beer to give?
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    They have not yet fenced off or started to demolish the single story red building with the huge, weird metal thing on the roof. 

    When they do, I plan to try to convince Ms. Whynot that it would work well in our living room.

    Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 11.18.09 PM
    Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 11.19.51 PM
  • Turn it on its side, cut it in half, and you have a pretty AUTHENTIC INDUSTRIAL coffee table. Though that aesthetic works better in a loft.
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    I think it would work well as part of a Dr Seuss aesthetic.

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    I could make into a machine that added or removed stars:  
  • Much of the roof has now been removed from this warehouse, and the steel is being recycled:


    The bricks from the structure holding the Dr Suess device will have some vaule as well.

    ...I can't imagine anything of value will be gleaned from the wooden structures.
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    They were able to get a lot done before running afoul of DOB

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    The Stop Work Order has recently been lifted, and demolition has resumed at this site.

    They might be able to have all of the remaining structures demolished and the debris removed by June 1.
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    Site is now completely demolished.

    Some debris remains, but nothing is free standing.
  • one last look at that wall for those of us on the outside of this development

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    In about 2 years, the large brick barn-like structure won't even be considered tall.

    Views of it from Dean St will be completely obstructed.


    ...when you look at it from Bergen, there will be a much larger building in the background.

  • Dirt photo!

  • "Designed by ODA Architecture, the development will have 120 studios,
    one- and two-bedrooms. The builder will capitalize on Franklin’s hip
    bars and restaurants by including 19,000 square feet of retail. Brooklyn
    GC, led by Yoel Goldman, is the developer. The project will have 24
    below-market units targeted to “moderate and middle income families,”
  • They have dug the hole for the foundation, and are about to start building the forms for the concrete.

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