7-11 on Empire and Bedford Ave...Poor customer service!
  • I will never go back to this place! This 7-11 opened just a few months ago. We don't find much use for the place besides the fact they sell Organic 2% fat half gallon milk which is great for those late night runs when we run out of milk for our toddler. Just recently we tried to return milk cartons that upon getting home we realized they were leaking. This happened on two occasions. On the first occurrence to return I was told they would not allow me to exchange for a new carton because I had no receipt. I asked that they call a manager. The young lady went into the back claiming she spoke with manager who said I could not exchange. Just today we had a same issue with a leaking carton (my fiance went this time) and they again refused to exchange and refused to call the manager when asked. When he attempted to call the corporate office on his cell from the store the woman became very belligerent and called the police! He in no way posed a threat nor was he hostile. The police actually apologized to him. The cashier also claimed they were a corporate store and not a franchise which is a lie. This store has no place here. The customer service is horrible and honestly the store adds nothing of value to offer our neighborhood. They're shelves most times seem less than fully stocked with virtually nothing but a bunch of processed foods. We will never go back into this place. What are other folks' impression of this place?
  • sounds like the one on CIA and Beverly that recently opened.  What a shame.
  • This place is one block from me. I went in once soon after it opened.

    • There doesn't seem to be all that much stock in the store for the amount of space it has.
    • That entire lot doesn't seem to use its space efficiently. It has parking spaces, yet I hardly see anyone parked there.  (I've seen it at different times of day as I can see the place from my window.)
    • It charges tax for a bag of chips. I don't think even Wholesome Gourmet charges tax for chips.
    I'd rather go to one of the bodegas up Bedford Avenue, even though it's in the other direction from where I'd be heading 90% of the time.

    As a matter of fact, I really wanted a traditional bodega there in that spot, not a 7-Eleven. I'd rather have a Wawa (a PA-based chain of convenience stores) than a 7-Eleven.

    I wonder whether @whynot_31 has been there yet.
  • I have not been in yet.

    Their best chance for getting my money is on a hot summer day, when I return to being a 12 year old who craves a Slurpee.
  • mugofmead111 funny you mentioned Wawa.  I said the same thing. I'm from Philly ha. They at least have a variety of fresh produce and a deli area. Better quality all around.
  • @bklava, I went to college in Philly. The campus had two different Wawas. One particular Wawa was very much a part of the college experience. :) 

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