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Unreported Crime in Crown Heights?

Anybody got any news about this? Roy writes in: 

"June 16th 2014, Around 3:30 pm. A kid was just beaten and rapped outside of my building in Crown Height s Brooklyn . It sounded like a dispute about money. About 20-30 other kids, (Likely school mates) were witness to this. The victims screams and pleads for his life served as a bit of a distraction to continuing my , what was, a creative afternoon. Why the other students from Crown Heights , privileged with modern technology (IPhone s) couldn't hold down some button to HELP the situation, I can not begin to understand." 

"Im writing you to raise awareness and get a picture of the abusers face and description of what exactly happened. If you look outside my window right now, it seems as if this didn't just happen 3 or 4 hours ago. I need more information that I hope my local police station can give to. But I have an outrageous suspicion that ill leave dissatisfied . Can you some how get a conversation started or a report about what happened today? Thank you. Please email back as soon as you have the right time. Thank you again."


  • Roy adds: "East 93rd Street and Rutland Road.  One of the addresses is 5. E 93rd Street.  Its also near a school. I still dont see any reports about it."
  • This happens outside of my office in Crown Heights too when school lets out. Once the fight actually landed IN the office. When I hear a bunch of kids at 2:30 I usually lock the door so that they can't run in or fall in as they're trading blows.
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    This is scary.  Did you witness this or were just told about it?
  • This is East Flatbush, not Crown Heights, so it's a little silly to expect it to get reported as Crown Heights crime.

    Also, what does it mean to be "beaten and rapped"?  Seems redundant to me.
  • Let me explain something to you "Eastbloc" ! I dont have time for you to define sections of Brooklyn right now. It happened right outside my window, with many witness to and they were children mind you. So given just that you at least try, TRY to imagine the many issues going on. Read my Email again, and read it carefully. While im working to find out what happened, you can practice your college humanities techniques on someone else's topic. Oh, by the by, here's the address to where it happened:
    5 East 93rd Street Brooklyn. (Rutland Road Houses)
    Look it up, mapquest, whatever! If you really have any interest or concern dor this community, make a trip here and start asking questions , get people to talk about this. And dont write any other mundane crap about accuracy of parts of Brooklyn, because now you have a address. Now you can move on or start helping. 
  • Again, address:
    5 East 93rd Street, Brooklyn (Rutland Road Houses) Right next to a public school. The voice of this man asking the boy for money, as well as the boys screaming traveled!! Starting from the front of the building, then to the parking lot. I didnt see either men . I was trying to focus on getting to go help. What did see from my Window are the look on these kids faces watching this. There were other people on roofs and windows of there houses as well. Sorry im late for work . Ill check in again soon.

    With the information I gave you , have you tryed looking up this incident? If you have any specific questions for me such as,
    What time did cops show ?
    What cops did when they got there?
    Where was the building security?
    Im open to all questions but please, in this matter, for educated people, there is a such thing as a stupid question. Lets use our degrees for somethin!
  • If it happened right outside your window, then I would expect you to at least know what neighborhood this was.

    Frankly, your tone sounds somewhat unhinged, which doesn't lend itself towards taking you seriously.  Forgive me if I don't spend much time "trying to imagine the many issues going on."
  • Well sir. You shouldn't have to like me to answer a call for help. Im not asking for your sponsorship . "Help" has one sound. And this us not about me or how you " feeeel" about me. I hate to single you out but I want you to serve as an example of what is not needed right now. I need people who actually want to send a message to s community saying that this , what happened in my building is not ok. You personally want to pick a fight with. You last response finalized that , so thanx but this is not the topic for you.
  • Sounds like a typical after-school fight. Welcome to Brooklyn, have a great time!
  • Greg . Ive never seen or heard of afterschool fights involving rape. Who are you people.  I mean is this website here to just entertain you???
  • What if you were raped ?? Or your brother or better,  your little son. How would you feel I dont even know this boy and im carrying so much rage . No ones doing anything about this. 
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    And how would you know anyone was raped, given that by your own admission you only saw "the look on these kids faces watching this"?  It all sounds very dubious to me.  

    Mods, can we at least move this out of Crown Heights?  There's a Flatbush forum, maybe someone there knows something that would put RJB's restless mind at ease.

  • The first step is for the community to show that this is unacceptable and get involved.  When everyone sits there and watches or waits for someone else to do something and does not lift a finger to stop it, it shows the perps that they can get away with anything.  Did anyone call the police?  did anyone call security?  or is that someone else's job.  
  • call your precinct, call your elected officials.  You are the witness and can answer their questions.  Nobody else knows details etc...
  • To Roy (RJB2014)
    I live in Crown Heights and am a member of Community Board 8. 5 E. 93rd Street (E93rd & Rutland Rd.) IS NOT Crown Heights. It straddles East Flatbush and Brownsville (zip code 11212).
    That address is covered by the 67th Precinct 718-287-3211
    • Central Brooklyn:
      • Rugby
      • Flatbush
      • East Flatbush
      • Northeast Flatbush
      • Remsen Village

      Your community board is:

    • COMMUNITY BOARD 17 has temporary relocated to 451 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203.

      They are in the T-Building Room 126 Telephone Number 718-245-7539

    Hopefully, the next time you hear someone in distress, you won't think about their screams as a bit of a distraction; you can call 911, or your local precinct. If you want to know how to get involved in your community, precinct council and community board meetings are now off for the months of July and August; they will both reconvene in September at their respective locations. I trust that if you are truly concerned, you will use the information provided and seek out these meetings.

    Most of all, if someone is in distress, CALL 911.

    (hope this helps)

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