Process to request a speed bump
  • Does anyone know the process, or has anyone gone through the process, of requesting a speed bump?  Cars often come speeding down my block which as a hill in middle, and when crossing at the corner, one can not see if cars are on the other side of the hill; similarly, when driving, one can not see if anyone is crossing.
  • Ask the folks on the CB8 transportation committee.

    Note, they may have adjourned until the fall.
  • Do you have an idea as to what I should expect?
  • You should expect them to point out that they can't request bumps for every street.

    You should be able to argue that your street has a lot of little children. You should be prepared to state how lesser methods (sidewalk bump outs, posting of speed limit, yada, yada) will no resolve the problem.

    For extra points, have mothers and the local PTA onboard. Or, old people.
  • What's your street?
  • CB8 718.467.5574
    CB8 Transportation Cmte
    CNR-Centerlight Health Care Center,727 Classon Avenue (bet. Park Place and Prospect Place)
    Tuesday June 24, 7pm
    Chairperson: Dr. Frederick Monderson, Co- Chair, Mr. Robert Witherwax, Esq


    7-8:00 p.m.  - Discussion of Bike Corrals

    The Dept. of Transportation is considering the following locations to install Bike Corrals.   The Bike Corral program includes clusters of bicycle racks installed in the street by the curb, surrounded by two large planters, taking  over one parking space.  Each bike corral can hold up to 8 bikes. Bike Corrals require a partner who agrees to keep the corral clean of debris and snow.

    The following are the partners and locations:

                    A)  Bar Chuko- 565 Vanderbilt Avenue near Pacific Street

                    B)  Milk Bar - 620 Vanderbilt Avenue near Prospect Place

                    C)  Branded - 603 Vanderbilt Avenue near Bergen Street

                    D)  Bar Corvo - 791 Washington Avenue near Lincoln Place

    8-9:00 p.m. -  Pedestrian Improvements for Atlantic Avenue

    The Dept. of City Planning's Transportation Unit would like to kick-off  a discussion regarding a transportation study for Pedestrian Improvements along Atlantic Avenue from Ralph Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue.

    Come out and add your input on safety and travel issues you experience while traveling, biking, walking, etc., along Atlantic Avenue.
  • I happen to be in CB9.  I guess I should have stated so upfront.  I assume the process will be the same.
  • You can find out about CB9 by doing an internet search.
  • CB9:

    I'm familiar with their website.  However, they don't have any information on the topic of speed bumps.
  • So call them

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