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Brooklyn-based mobile app that allows you to ask questions in Brooklyn and Manhattan launches...


Hey guys! I’m working with a Brooklyn-based startup that just launched our mobile app Enquire on June 3rd. After quitting their jobs in Paris, our cofounders Maxime Leroy and Solene Maitre came to Brooklyn to begin building their app that launched in Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco, and Paris.

Having lived in Paris, Maxime and Solene really loved the neighborhood aspect of Brooklyn, which is why they decided to build and launch the app here. Enquire allows users to post questions in specific neighborhoods that they tend to frequent. With Enquire, locals are the experts.

If you’re an iPhone user, take a peek and support our Brooklyn-based startup by downloading the app today: Ask if your landlord is overcharging for rent. Ask about the cute bartender with the unicorn tattoo is. See if other people are outraged over Starbucks colonizing Crown Heights (I am!). And if you’re curious to know more about the app shoot me an email ( Perhaps I’ll even see you in the hood.

-Your Crown/Prospect Heights neighbor.


  • Yes Yes Yes! Made in Brooklyn! The two founders live in Park Slope and work in DUMBO :)
  • Hmm........
  • Newguy-
    You think the newbie endorsing the newbie is suspicious?
  • Just a tad. I could be wrong though. What do you think? You have been around here longer than me.
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    I am just here to ask leading questions, and to buy brownies from the Franklin Ave Starbucks that has been 2 years in the making.
  • Don't worry newguy88 and whynot_31 we won't bother your little place of happiness any longer!

    The newbies were just happy to share their app, which is all about sharing knowledge, with fellow brooklynites until we got it. You feel more confortable talking about shootings and fires, and everything that makes people's life a bit more miserable to read every day.

    Enjoy! And have a great sunny and bloody weekend in Brooklyn.
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    Macsy, @whynot and @newguy88 were just pointing out one of our rules around here, which is, if you are affiliated with a store, product or service we want posters to say that outright instead of stealth marketing on behalf of friends. Its great to say "This is my friend's app and they're wonderful people please try it" but not so great to say "I tried this, you should too", especially if the person saying that has come here for the express purpose of pimping the app.

    We're all about supporting local businesses, and friends of posters, just in an upfront and honest way. Hope this helps explain things.

  • Homeowner I totally agree. And I would not read the brooklynian neither if it only consisted of hidden marketing. I believe in full-disclosure as well. But look at Chris' post: "Hey guys! I’m working with a Brooklyn-based startup that just launched our mobile app Enquire"

    So honestly I just think it's a bit unfair to say we did not disclose our connection with the app. I just added that Solène and I the two co-founders were living here to even more indicate that Brooklyn really was our home and where we had all our beta-testers these last weeks. We loved meeting our users yesterday at a bar and they suggested to post the app here. We agreed to do it by mentioning right from the beginning that it was ours. But apparently it was not enough. If the team wants to delete the posting, please do so. We won't take offense. Thanks in advance.
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    Macsym, it isn't prospectiveheights' (Chris') post that made me skeptical. His was straight forward.

    Your subsequent cheerleading is what amused me.
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    Sorry for that @whynot_31 I've been a professional cheerleader for the past 10 years. Let me offer you a drink in the area to make amends. Shoot me an email at maxime at
  • There is no need to apologize for amusing someone.
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