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Small Works 2014

Small Works 2014

July 18- August 22. Opening Reception Friday, July 18th, 7-9 pm. 

Trestle Gallery is pleased to present the Small Works of twenty three artists. This annual exhibition focuses on the complex nature of smaller compositions. Each piece is contained within 12 inches vertically, horizontally, and three dimensionally. This show will take you through a range of works; from loud complex patterns and textures, to quiet grey scale compositions with simplified color. Sculptural rustic surfaces and tones are complemented by painterly clean blacks and whites. The diverse nature of subject matter demonstrates the intimate capabilities of smaller works of art. 

Featuring work by: Ola Aldous, Hannah Barnes, Joseph Bolstad, Rina Dweck, Emma Fague, Rachel Grobstein, Kate Hamilton, Rachel Heinold, Buhm Hong, Sara Jimenez, Kosuke Kawahara, Rachel Klinghoffer, Bernice Sokol Kramer, Jeanette Levy, Mariam Mehmood, Fiorella Gonzales Vigil, Rebecca Reeves, Katharine Ryals, John Steck Jr., Vincent Stracquadanio, Adrienne Tarver, Nicolas Vionnet, and Jayoung Yoon.


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