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Chinese Food Recommendations

Friends, I am requesting your recommendations for the best Chinese food take-out in Crown Heights (preferably on Nostrand, but if the best you've seen is farther away, so be it). I am craving good, fresh sesame chicken and shrimp in garlic sauce. If there is anything like Grand Szechuan in Park Slope, let me know!


  • This brings up a question that's been on my mind the past few years.  As neighborhoods gentrify are we totally losing our Chinese restaurants?

    In my decade in williamsburg, Carroll Gardens and Prospect Heights, I've only ever seen Chinese take-outs close.  I've never seen a new one open in these changing brooklyn neighborhoods.

    I HAVE witnessed a few fancier Chinese joints open in wburg and PH, but they haven't been hits, even though some were very good (Not talking about you, Colala)
    I don't think people want to pay restaurant prices for dishes they're used to getting cheap.  And I think a lot of people have negative health assumptions about Chinese food.  AND I think Manhattan maintains is chinese food presences because there are more chinese patrons there to offset the Chinese foods limited non-asian appeal.

    So, the question that this begs is, is there room for Chinese food in developing Brooklyn neighborhoods that don't have a Chinese customer base?  I wish I thought there was. 

  • I've found the Number 1 Chinese Kitchen on Nostrand between Saint Marks and Prospect to be the best Chinese on Nostrand. As for how fresh is ..... well a bottle of good soy sauce won't go amiss. 
  • The chinese spot on nostrand between bergen and st marks across from the pub has really good food.
  • J's Wong for the win. Park Place and Franklin. Fresh ingredients, friendly and fast. 
  • I used to be a huge fan of King's Wok on Bedford and Sterling, but J's Wong has won me over.
  • I would like some authentic sichuan or cantonese please.  Will pay $$.  Cold noodle, soup dumplings, yum.
  • I think part of the problem is that there has to be a substantial customer base for some of the more unusual (at least for Brooklyn) dishes (e.g. cold noodles in sesame paste, soup dumplings). Otherwise, things get stale, less effort is put into their proper preparation, etc.

    I find myself choosing which of the five or so local Chinese take-outs I will go to based upon which particular dish I feel like eating. Mongolian beef? one place. Moo shu pork? another. And if I want steamed dumplings or soup dumplings? I go to Chinatown to buy frozen versions and steam them when I'm back in my house. In the 37 years I've been living in Crown Hts and patronizing take outs, I've never overheard ANYone ordering fried dumplings, moo shu pork, etc. I'm very wary about the freshness of the ingredients for that reason.
  • I've found the Number 1 Chinese Kitchen on Nostrand between Saint Marks and Prospect to be the best Chinese on Nostrand. As for how fresh is ..... well a bottle of good soy sauce won't go amiss. 
    Same place I order from whenever I want Chinese food! I must have 7 menus from this place in a cupboard. Yesterday they left 2 more by my front door.
  • Flash forward, and a long list of hip chinese restaurants have re thought their fare to packed success, Win Som, Kings County Chinese and China Club to name a few in brooklyn.  It seems like the chinese restaurant reboot trend has finally found it's crowd. 

    So hopefully the new chinese restaurant opening up in The Usual's space will follow that pattern!  I just inquired with a construction worker over there, and he simply said 'its gonna be chinese' and looked on satisfied  to have brought a passerby untold joy.   

    While a chinese place could be a lot of different things, It's my assumption that a typical chinese take out couldn't manage to open on vanderbilt, and wouldn't bother with a pricey location, and a large back patio.  What's coming is going to be fancy and fresh and likely crowded.   
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