Bike Corral Applications have been filed for Vanderbilt Avenue
  • Bike Corral Applications for Vanderbilt Avenue   

    "When:  Wednesday, May 14, 6:30 PM

    Where: Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt Avenue

    Community members are invited to attend a meeting to learn more about proposed bike corrals on Vanderbilt Avenue. A bike corral is an innovative new approach to bicycle parking in which racks are clustered in the street.  Corrals are requested by Vanderbilt businesses that will maintain the space; however, the racks are not limited to patrons of those businesses. Bike corrals are a good solution for streets like Vanderbilt Avenue, where demand for bike parking outstrips availability and bikes can often clutter sidewalks. You can read more about bike corrals on NYC DOT's website."

    Source:  Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council  

  • For all the bitching from some that came with the one in front of Little Zelda, it has caused no burden for anyone, is regularly filled, and greatly contributes to that being one of the more pleasant blocks on Franklin.  The more of these, the better.
  • Franklin was only a few, loud people complaining.

    I suspect people who attend the forum on May 14th in pursuit of similar entertainment, will leave disappointed.

    ...they should try one of the rent stabilization hearings.

  • I fully support this, but I might not be able to get to the meeting on the 14th.  Is there another way to tell DOT that I'm in favor of these improvements?
  • Following this mtg, the applicants, along with any supporters and opponents, will go before CB8's transportation committee.   

    Then the applications will go before all of CB8.  If CB8 decides it will not end the world as we know it, they will announce "this application is not opposed by us", and DOT will build it.

  • Tonight's meeting was reportedly productive.

    Up to 3 locations are being considered:
    Chuko's new location.
  • Via the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council:

    Three bike corrals proposed for Vanderbilt Avenue: Your opinion wanted

    A bike corral is an innovative new approach to bicycle parking in which racks are clustered in the street. Corrals are requested by a business that will maintain the space, including plantings. The racks remove bike clutter from sidewalks and are freely available to all cyclists (not just patrons of the business). More details are available from the NYC DOT website.

    The following businesses are requesting bike corrals in front of their locations:

    Milk Bar - 620 Vanderbilt Ave [map]
    Branded Saloon - 603 Vanderbilt Ave [map]
    Bar Chuko - 565 Vanderbilt Ave [map]
    The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council is conducting a survey to assess community opinion. The merchants will submit the results of this survey with their applications to DOT.

    Click here to participate in the survey!
  • The corrals passed the CB8 subcommittee. However, the proposal needs to go before the rest of the board before DOT will proceed.

    ...the "rest of the board" won't meet until September.

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