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Animal (appearing) skeleton in former McDonald's site on 4th Avenue and 1st Street

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A most disgusting sight.  I phoned it into 311 and was switched around. Bottom line after being asked whether there was still flesh on it and might it be a rat (it's not):  it is apparently not the Dept. of Sanitation or other city responsibility because it is considered private property. It looks like it was dumped there rolled into and/or covered by a tarp that got blown away with wind.  Any ideas as to what can be done about this other than my going to have to shovel it up myself (I'm not)? 


  • You'd have to call to make sure, but in the last state I lived in we called animal control and reported it as a dead animal on the street/road/etc. It would take a couple days but eventually they'd come out and scoop it up. They'd probably be more apt to pick it up if you are a little vague just say it may be a small dog/cat and not anything else.

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    If it is on private property, the city workers are not supposed to go on the property to get it.

    So, I see two choices:

    1. Contact the property's owner, who then moves it.

    2. With a snow shovel, move it to public property.
  • Thank you both. I don't own a snow shovel as I am a renter but I appreciate your comments.
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