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Where'd you get that car?

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Can any recommend a Brooklyn car dealership where they have had a good experience buying a car, ideally with a specific salesperson to contact...

I have been trying to buy a car over the past few weeks but every time I go to a dealership I am faced with the most obvious and sleazy sales techniques. One place gave me the "put the fish on ice" move where the sales guy made me sit in his office (actually a cubicle) while he went to "look up some numbers" and then he comes back half an hour later with one option that wasn't what I asked for. Another place played the classic "bait and switch" move where they gave me a price on a vehicle over the internet, but then when I went to buy the car the internet salesperson wasn't there so I had to talk to someone else who was like "I don't know where she got that number". Seriously, I just feel insulted that they would even try to play these games with me.

I am not even being picking on the specific car. I just want a small SUV that will be comfortable for my small Brooklyn family, just like everyone else in the neighborhood. All of the major manufacturers offer fine options in this category and I really don't even care what I get, I just want to do business without playing games...

any help would be appreciated.


  • If you belong to either AAA or Costco they have programs where specific dealers give a fixed discounted price which makes the buying process relatively easy. The last car I bought was a Honda CRV from Bay Ridge Honda and the buying process was just fine. That being said, I'd avoid their service department at all cost, but I'd say the same about service at ANY dealer.
  • I'd suggest a look at the pre-owned lot from Life Quality BMW out in Bay Ridge. They've got plenty of stock and are pretty straight shooters. I've also had good experiences with Bay Ridge Honda. Whatever you do, stay away from the miscellaneous used car lots that are around. They tend to operate on hte edge.
  • First, you need to do your research. SUVs are a tricky business, in that a lot of them spend more time on the lifts than on the road. I suggest going with Toyota/Lexus or Honda/Acura. They have great reliability. You should also hit http://www.bbb.org/new-york-city/ and look up well rated dealerships. It's not foolproof, but it's a useful tool.
  • Not in Brooklyn, but I just bought a car from Enterprise Car Sales. Salesmen aren't pushy, prices are no-haggle and they give a free 1-year guarantee. Financing was easy. 

  • http://www.nextcarforyou.com/
    I had excellent experience buying from this man. Small operation  and trustworthy. Bought a Subaru Outback 2005 6 months ago and it is still running great.
  • @slopestar If you would consider leasing, you may want to try Leasing Direct - http://www.leasingdirectny.com.  I personally got 2 cars from them, and my parents got (at least) 7 cars from them over the years.  Their prices are reasonable, and we are very happy with their service.
  • Bay Ridge Subaru on Cropsey Ave. have had outback since 2007. Has 138,000 miles. And use their service. They have kepr my car running beautifully
  • Steer clear of Giuffre in Bay Ridge. I bought my Hyundai SUV (which I love) from them 11 years ago. They got me to come in to the dealership by telling me they had the specific model I was looking for, which they didn't. And they tried to add all sorts of charges to the sale. Later they were stripped of their franchise by Hyundai. And I just found out it was because the attorney general brought a case against them and a state judge ordered them to pay $500K in penalties for fraud in 2012: http://nypost.com/2012/10/01/car-biz-slapped-for-fraud/.
  • New or used? I'd probably hit up Craigslist on Long Island for a Forester or Rav4 or Pontiac Vibe if you're looking at used.
  • Stay away from Bay Ridge Honda. They claimed to have several used cars and when I showed up had none. So I went to Plaza Honda and worked with Fabio Auteri. Really nice guy, easy-going, thorough, professional. I ended up buying my car there and highly recommend that dealership. Bay Ridge was good in the past, but no more.
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