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Hi Everyone. My name is Lenny and I am the owner of Bikesmith/Brooklyn Cycle Works at 560 Vanderbilt Ave. I am reaching out to the community for two resins. One is to let everyone know the company went through an ownership and management change and I would like to invite everyone to come check us out, whether for the first time or if you were an old customer that would like to give us another shot. 

Also we have a large space that we make very little use of about half of. I would like the communities input on what they would like to see in that half of the space we don't use. Maybe a cycling themed bar of sorts. Coffee, and a place to relax, possibly more of a lounge later in the day. Please let me know, I value the neighborhoods opinion and input.

Thanks, hope to see you soon


  • What's up Lenny!
    I've been curious about what would come of that side space.  I think you could be very successful with a bike themed bar.   Vanderbilt is lacking in bars with a bit of edge to them, the kind that you find on washington and Franklyn ave.   Build it, and we will b-line over after Chuko dinner!
  • Welcome Lenny.

    I'd consider transforming that space into a bike and outdoors shop for kids. You'd carry higher quality merchandise than Target and Toys R Us, but sell similar items:

    Bikes, sleds, roller skates, frisbees, kites.

    You'd utilize your proximity to the park, and the neighborhood's growing population of kids.
  • hi lenny:

    ps 9 (prospect heights's local public school) is having a cycle fest this weekend, weather permitting. maybe you'd like to set up a table there with some information about your shop, and get people's ideas? it will be a local crowd, mostly parents and kids but also other community members there for the recycling portion of the event. send me a message if you're interested!
  • Butcher shop.  A bike-themed butcher shop.
  • Hmmm butcher shop. he area could use one but thats not in my area of expertise 
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    Clearly, Lenny is NOT the same guy as the guy in this video, who makes a bicycle of meat:

  • I know you already rejected the idea, but any time a thread with, "What the neighborhood needs..." comes up I always answer: butcher shop.
  • A banner is now up in the smaller of the two storefronts, proclaiming that it is for rent.
  • a friend of mine saw the laundromat and suggested there be a bar next door that has lines connected to the laundry so you could hang out, grab a drink or bite, and be alerted by a light or something when your laundry is done. he wasnt aware the place (almost) next door was for rent.

    i dont think this idea would work for a variety of reasons, but it's fun to think about.
  • We had a laundromat - bar combo place near where I went to college.

    It was called "Suds"

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    It seems Lenny could not find a business concept that paid the rent.

    The space seeks a renter: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/19116443/560-vanderbilt-Ave-Brooklyn-NY/
  • I think Bicycle Habitats is moving in there.

  • already open. today was their first day.

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