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Nostrand Avenue, are you ready?

"Nostrand Avenue is the next logical destination for retailers in this part of Brooklyn. 

Indeed, with great access to the subway and a recent uptick in residential development in the immediate area, Nostrand Avenue is slated to share in the success of preceding retail arteries such as Franklin Avenue, Vanderbilt Avenue, and Flatbush Avenue."

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  • Hmm, judging by the amount of fireworks that were getting thrown at lets say newer residents tonight no Nostrand isn't ready. 
  • Ah!  More unrest about the inevitable changes going on in the neighborhood.  Random street guy who pets my dog warned me about "unhappiness" in the neighborhood and how "something is gonna happen". 
  • Fireworks? Whereabouts?
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    What is "gonna happen" is that any landlord that still accepts Section 8, is going to look for a way to opt out to get Market Rate.

  • Awesome.  I am ready.  I am even more ready to get to Utica. Utica has retail spaces that would be ideal for chain stores.  Bring the Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Gap, Banana Republic, Home Depot/Lowes, Trader Joe's, etc. to the area.
  • Here is one of the early articles (2008) about what was about to happen on Franklin;


  • I certainly am! I have a feeling that, that new Hello Living building on Sterling is going to attract a lot of new small business owners to Nostrand too.
  • The riff raff throwing fireworks is random and they will grow up or get bore soon enough, change is constant.  Couple weeks ago I was shouldered by a dude on the sidewalk while he mumbled something about my daughter's going to get it(?). It just takes one big egotist like that guy to inspire the bored youth into trouble. This neighborhood lacks a sports facility for the youth. The Nostrand is a lovely avenue on a sunny day with great views and intimate curio shops .
  • @Crownhieghster I was walking down Nostrand on Saturday evening and someone threw a firework at a couple walking their dog. I mean literally right at them. The dog was scared shitless but otherwise ok.

    @Dawndew It's been a good year or so since I've been shouldered. 
  • Sounds like we need the police to get on their monitoring of fireworks. Maybe they will be more successful at dealing with fireworks than the dirtbikes, which I see going down Nostrand all the time. There is one dude on a blue and white dirtbike who pops wheelies.Will the command center do anything? We'll see!
  • That command center is a joke. They were shooting off fireworks a block or two north of the  RV. Did any cops toddle out? Nope! Are they ever? I highly doubt it. As is a lot of the policing done by the good ole 77th. In a department beset by widespread incompetencey we've really struck gold here.
  • Heh, probably no one in the command center.  Like the lone police car on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge..
  • That car hosts a radiation detector. ...fear of a dirty bomb.
  • I suppose that probably doesn't require much manual input.. and if the flashing lights convince a couple of cars to slow down a bit, it's a win-win. 
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    At some point, the landlords are going to decide that they have warehoused storefronts for long enough, and it no longer makes sense to leave them vacant.

    While I am not a fan of Subway sandwiches, a location seems like it would work in one of the lower profile locations.
  • Keep them down on Fulton. I hear they are opening one near corner of Fulton and Nostrand.
    Can we get a art supply store? fabric and Sewing supplies?   Stationary supplies? Maybe some day?  these types of specialty kid friendly stores might "soften" the bored teen, early 20something ruckus.
  • I hope so! I'd love one of those kinds of paper goods store-a nice place to buy a card or notepad! Maybe scrapbookibg supplies.
  • I don't think many of the bored teens or early 20 somethings causing a ruckus will be into fabric, sewing, or stationary but, hope springs eternal.
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    In response to their existing skill sets and the labor market, I believe most publicly funded employment agencies offer them opportunities like truck driving and food service work.

    Nostrand could do its part by hosting businesses that serve food, and get deliveries.
  • I think that what dawndew means, and correct me if I am wrong, is that stores like a fabric/sewing/stationary store would lead to more families shopping on nostrand and the raucous young people would change their more reckless behavior when they realize kids are around. Not that they would start to take up sewing, though that might be a nice side effect!
  • Does anyone know what's going on with the old Papa's Chicken and Pizza joint on Nostrand at Carroll St? The gate was up the other day when the pup and I were on our afternoon stroll, and the place seems to have been gutted. I think the address is 867 Nostrand.
  • Crownheightster-
    I suspect you are correct, but I am not letting go of the image I have in my head:

    Young drug dealer showing his peer the scarf he just knit.
  • There was a time in the 70's when Nostrand was the go to local shopping distict. It had a Buster Brown, a couple of butcher shops, the haberdashery, a couple of furniture stores, a club, a sit-down Chinese restaurant etc. Most of the businesses were wiped out or moved out after the blackout in 79. It would be nice to see it get back to where it was.

    (I suggested to my neighbor that one way to curb hanging out on the corner of Nostrand and Park would be to get a number of 65+ ladies out at night in chairs knitting. Nothing makes a block less cool to hang on than being surrounded by older women muttering "knit one, pearl two" under their breath)
  • Local commercial landlords could further their interests by providing the women yarn and folding chairs.

  • thanks, Crownheighster, that's what I was inferring.  Less empty shops, enough 99cent shops, enough corner groceries selling lotto, rather other family oriented biz to counter the abundance of strutting hair & nail salons and bars.
  • Does anyone know what's going on with the old Papa's Chicken and Pizza joint on Nostrand at Carroll St? The gate was up the other day when the pup and I were on our afternoon stroll, and the place seems to have been gutted. I think the address is 867 Nostrand.
    @McChloe - I don't know that we have a regular poster that has the scoop on "Nostrand between EP and Empire".

    If you like, I will give you a bunch of business cards to build up our readers and contributors in that area.

  • The eventual goal is to get crowd sourced coverage for this area:


    We will likely have more success in some areas than others.
  • Next step, world dominion!
  • Sadly, I'm not the best person to spread the Brooklynian word as I'm moving out of the hood in a few weeks. I wish I could have stayed, but after saving for years to buy a place, I could no longer afford what I'm looking for in Crown Heights. Inwood will be my new home...still hard to believe!

    I nominate Esperanza to recruit more south-of-Eastern posters! There are only good things happening down here, I will truly miss it.
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