965 Washington Avenue's Land Triangle
  • Has anyone heard what will be built on the little triangle of land near this building? I know if was for sale (via auction) and then it sold. I passed by the other day and the land was cleared. This land hugs the train tracks. An odd little piece of land.
  • Looking North on Washington, the garden is on the left and this lot is the vegetation covered lot on the right:

    Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 3.43.23 PM

    It strikes me as being too small to build on.    

    Does anyone known if it could be purchased for its development rights?   

    Could I then build a penthouse that overlooked the gardens on one of the nearby buildings?  
  • Believe it or not, approved plans have existed for this lot for some time.... I can't say if this development is happening or belongs to the current owner.

  • Thanks! Looks like this building is going to be super tight, unless they plan on tearing down the building next door. I couldn't zoom into this to tell. The lot simply looks so small for this building.
  • These plans remind me of that tiny lot at Underhill and St. John's.

    The plans were drawn up just before the 2008 bubble burst, and involved a building that would have been really expensive on a PSF basis to construct and maintain. Today, the lot still sits vacant.

  • Long time lurker... I never thought my first post would be about that odd little triangle on Washington. 

    Anyway, I remember seeing the auction sign come and go and I now see that plywood boards have gone up in place of the fence that was there. 

    Do we think someone is actually building something there?
  • Welcome MasTacos.

    It does appear as if something is being built. The nearby shuttle tracks will make this a complicated excavation and project.

    It is unclear to me whether this little lot has its own street address. Do the work permits on the fence list 965?
  • I have answered my own question: 995 Washington Avenue is the lot's address. Here are photos of how small it is:

  • When the site was available for auction, this rendering was provided as being approved:


  • The author/urban planner Jeff Speck bought a similar piece of land and built a pretty cool house on it in DC:
  • The top two floors should get views of some tree tops in the garden.

    Good light.
  • Thanks for the photos. I agree it looks like it will be hard to build there, there really isn't much space on either side of the lot.
  • That lot looks so tiny. And I wonder if there will be a lot of noise from the shuttle train.
  • Waterbeds there will get a good wave every time the train passes.
  • The palm trees look nice in the picture.  Do they guarantee a tropical atmosphere year round?  That could be worth the price tag..
  • I like the window riiiight in the corner of the triangle.
  • Hopefully they will have a cat.      A cat would love napping in that window.
  • That would be a small and triangle-shaped cat.
  • they have noses designed to fit in triangles

  • This is true!

    ...finding an appropriate furniture might be harder...