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Progress toward the affordable housing at Atlantic Yards?

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A definition of what is affordable, and whether things like credit scores will be used to determine eligiblity would be nice.


  • According to Brownstoner's coverage:

    “The new agreement specifies that a portion of affordable units would be for low-income families of four that make $48,000 or less, moderate-income families earning up to $88,000 a year, and middle-income families earning up to $104,000,” said the Times.
  • Sounds appropriate.

    Needless to say, the finishes and views are going to be much different in these units than the market ones.
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    And, in physically distinct (ie segregated) buildings:
  • I may be the only one who isn't aware of this, but it appears that a building will be constructed on the sidewalk that exists between the subway exit and the arena entrance.

    Man, this complex is going to be dense. When the arena showed Game of Thrones that entire area was filled with people waiting to get thru security.

    Where will these people wait once a building is there?

  • That's insane!  Why would they build a building there -- It actually looks ok right now in terms of it being a weird spaceship arena in the middle of Brooklyn.

    Any news about where the pre-fab work is happening by any chance?  Are they still bringing the jobs half of "hoops and jobs" to Brooklyn?
  • That's an old plan going way back to at least 2006, before the financial crisis, before Gehry quit, and before resulting redesign of, well, everything by new architects.

    Oder posted it here in June of 2006:

    Why would Oder post this now, especially without any comment to this effect.
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    I can not explain Oder.

    Brownstoner seems to believe the map is accurate:

    Has the idea of a building in front of the subway entrance been scraped?
  • The above plan, like the Gehry renderings, had a tall hotel + apartment building capping the front of the arena oval at the triangle corner of Flatbush and Atlantic.

    There was no outdoor public plaza at Flatbush + Atlantic in these initial designs (Gehry's Miss Brooklyn, etc.).

    Wouldn't they have to tear down the front waffle iron handle on Barclays to accomplish this? Can't cantilever a hotel and apartment building over that video-screen atrium, surely.

    That's why I think this diagram may just be outdated. Just my guess, though.

    Also, no clue about this, perhaps someone else knows:

    In the diagram here you can see the raised public outdoor spaces on top of the arena, which were features of older arena plans and renderings before it was totally redesigned a few times. I've heard of plans to add a green roof to the arena, but will that include the arena rooftop public spaces in the diagram here? That might be another indication if this >8yo diagram is still accurate or not.
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    Then again, anything's possible, I s'pose.

    What's there now reflects post-recession cutbacks made from initial grand, pre-financial-crisis plans.

    What if the front waffle iron / video atrium was just built as a temporary structure, until some later point when the economy was back on its feet and there was money for a front tower at Flatbush and Atlantic.

    Like the Sphinx, it may eventually lose the front piece.
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    They are building huge buildings on tiny lots adjacent to the arena.

    That Lego building has a tiny footprint
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