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Sunday Night 2-3am - Gunshots or Fireworks?

Nostrand and Pacific - I was awakened by what sounded like two outbursts of a somewhat distant gunfight or fireworks between these hours. Though I'm pretty sure they were gunshots, the different sounds (representing possible multiple guns) and several rounds shot (between 20-30) seemed extreme and leave me hoping they were the alternative.

Did anyone else hear this?


  • A quick check of scanner sites does not seem to indicate that anyone was actually shot in the immediate area early this morning.

    So, it still could be either gunfire or fireworks....
  • Me too, around 12;30am i was woken by definite gun play.  This has happened before as single shots(?) with pauses for an hour  as if someone is target practicing or starting pistol. The sounds here seems to come from Sterling Place near Nostrand.
  • Yes - the first batch was only a few shots and I didn't note the time.  The second seemed like a full-on shoot out.  That location sounds like it could be right as it wasn't super near but I would guess somewhere between 5-10 blocks away from me.
  • I can't hear gunshots that far up. However, someone was definitely shooting off fireworks on a repeating and irregular basis at Nostrand and Park.
  • I heard a lot of fireworks around midnight last night. At first I thought it might be gunfire, but it repeated very quikcly for like a minute and I could then tell it was fireworks.
  • glad to hear it was normal mischief, nothing more serious.
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    same - very glad to hear most lean toward fireworks.
  • With all of the fireworks, and the less frequent gun shots, I can only imagine being a cop on foot patrol this week in Crown Heights.
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    Glad to hear. I was getting concerned too.
  • Just to nip it in the bud those are tonight's pyrotechnic entertainment going off not gunshots. Aren't we just having a blast?
  • Needless to say, most of the fireworks noise is gone now that July 4th is over.

    I'm not sure if you folks follow the company Shot Spotter. Basically, municipalities deploy microphones around high shooting areas, and utilize a technology that is supposed to determine whether it was a gunshot.

    NYC is about to try it out:
  • Haven't other cities tried that and found the system to be ineffective? 
  • It certainly has limitations. Hence, it is only being tested...
  • This is used in a town not far from where I live on the island. There are very few false alarms with it and many time the cops will find spent shells although by the time they get there the shooter is usually gone. But they seem to think it's quite effective.
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