Approx. 2 hour wait.

No debit cards accepted.

The line runs along Eastern Parkway (Westbound center lane)


  • thanks for the info!

    My (perhaps off topic) comment is re: "the no debit cards accepted."

    How long will it be before some enterprising young man decides one of these "cash only" gas stations is a great place to rob?

    Given how busy the police are, I'd hire a guard...

  • I doubt anyone is going to rob this place. The place is surrounded by NYPD. They are doing crowd control (people filing up containers) and directing the cars on line.

    And shout out to the NYPD :D While I got gas a woman behind me in an SUV had her battery give out and a few police officers helped her to get a jump.

  • BTW, it looks like NYC will begin rationing tomorrow (Friday):

    Hopefully this will reduce the need for police prescence.

  • Just ran past the BP @ Empire and Rogers. They have gas and only about a dozen cars in line when I went by. Line goes east on Sterling; when I went by the end was right at the intersection with Rogers so really close to the station.

  • The Gulf station on the southside of eastern pkwy and bedford is back open.

  • What's the story with gas today? Are things getting back to normal?

  • The BP on Bedford between Eastern and Lincoln had gas yesterday and the lines weren't so bad, but tonight they're out. The seem to get refilled more regularly though.

  • Shell on classon and Atlantic has gas. All grades cash credit. Just filled up, 8:15pm no wait, no cars actually.

  • I saw the same situation on the BP at Rogers and Eastern this evening. Gas, credit, normal day in terms of traffic.

  • Has the hysteria for gas finally hit a plateau?

  • If the hysteria isn't over I think it's waning.

  • Not in CH, but I got gas with no wait a the BP on 4th Ave near Union today. Nobody was checking plates as far as I could tell. It seemed likely mostly cabbies were there.

  • For what it's worth, as of an hour ago the gas truck was refilling the BP on Bedford.

  • The BP station at Lincoln Road, Washington Avenue, and Flatbush Avenue had gas at 3:00 this afternoon with NO lines and no one checking plates. They assured me that they'd have gas tomorrow too. Things seem almost back to normal.

  • Figured I'd revive this title as it seems fitting...

    This is actually one that I frequent.

    "Another Brooklyn gas station may bite the dust. In Crown Heights, Massey Knakal is marketing a BP station on Bedford between Lincoln and Eastern Parkway as a development site."

  • Not sure where the closest gas will be after this.
  • Hahahaha...I'm not shocked it's going away.

    I will miss it a little bit; it was convenient if I had to fill up my Zip Car before returning it on Flatbush Avenue.
    Not sure where the closest gas will be after this.
    Isn't there still a gas station on the corner of Empire Blvd and Rogers Avenue?

    By the way, I also heard that some people want a B41 Limited bus stop moved from Empire Boulevard to that block.
  • Atlantic and Bedford or Atlantic and Brooklyn
  • There are still a few on 4th Ave as well.

    ....I suspect their days are also numbered.
  • All of these parcels (see 1550 Bedford and 155 Empire, which we've discusses) are changing hands.  155 Empire has been bought... about $8M i believe, for storage.

    bklyn - Copy
  • I wonder how many of them will cease to be gas stations.

  • A while back when gas stations being sold was brought up someone posted a very ggod synopsis of why selling gas is not as profitable as many people think.  Does anyone know where that post is?  I wanted to check it out again.  I think whynot_31 may have been the author.  
  • oh good grief.
  • Lilern, I'm not sure that was me.

    I think the last time I filled time writing about gas stations, was the one that used to be on the SW corner of Bedford and EP:
  • From the New York Post: Real estate boom is edging out city’s gas stations

    Our disappearing gas stations are part of a larger trend.
  • It has gotten to the point where I prefer to rent a car that has less 3/4 of a tank of gas or less. That way, I can fill up the car on my return trip to the city, not within it.
  • I usually let the rental company deal with the gas situation when renting.  I can't be bothered.

    At least Atlantic is still full of gas stations for when you need them.
  • From the New York Post: Real estate boom is edging out city’s gas stations

    Our disappearing gas stations are part of a larger trend.
    Awesome. More of this, please.
  • Filled up at Empire and Rogers last week. Went back last night, and there was a chain link fence around the station... Looks like another one bites the dust...
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    I'll have to look at that one.

    BTW, a reliable source informs me that the tanks are being replaced at the one at Lefferts and Washington.

    It may come back as a different brand of gasoline, but it will return.
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