The Curious Case of 341 Eastern Parkway - formerly known as "The Hole".
  • Those things do keep out rain, but seem to never get washed.

    They make me learn words like "guano"
  • Ah, what's a little bird flu between friends?
  • As a result of having the subway, parking, a bank, Starbucks, and Bob & Betty's basically on site, the residents of 341 might not get to experience weather.

    The flooded stairwell might be good for them.
  • Very true!!! @whynot31 Thanks... That was giggle-worthy!! :-)
  • Showings start next weekend:

    "Thank you for your interest in 341 EPW, our fantastic new development in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on historic, tree-lined Eastern Parkway. We are excited to inform you that we will be opening the doors of our leasing office to reserve list customers ONLY on July 11th 2014, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    You are receiving this email because you were amongst the first to show interest in 341 EPW. Our list has grown exponentially, and we now have approximately 3,000 registered customers looking to view the property. To be fair to everyone, we will be scheduling appointment time slots to each of you on a first response basis.

    At this time, we are scheduling appointments for July 11th, July 12th, andJuly 13th from 10am to 5pm. Please let us know which day and approximate time you are interested in attending. Also please provide us with your budget and how many bedrooms you are looking for. Studios are starting at $2400 1 beds $2809, 1.5 beds $3818 and 2 beds $3800. It’s a 13 month lease with 1 month free. Plus if we can have your desired move in date. We will do our best to accommodate you and provide you with additional instructions once your appointment is set.

    Please note, we only require one response to this email and will be getting back to you in the order your appointment request was received. Please be advised that viewings without a scheduled appointment cannot be accommodated due to our overwhelming response. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we will schedule your appointment as quickly as possible.

    Thank you again for registering for our reserve list. is very excited about 341 EPW, and we look forward to meeting you and providing a tour of one of the most exciting new developments in NYC this year.


    341 Leasing Team

    341 EPW Leasing Team
    482 Driggs Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11249
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  • Yes, you read correctly, they stated there are 3000 people who have expressed an interest in seeing one of the about 70 units.

  • 2 beds are about the same as 1.5 beds?  I'm assuming the 1.5s have something more going on for them (views, floor height, layout)
  • I assume so as well.

    Maybe those units are the ones with the balconies that allow one good views of the West Indian Day Parade?

    BTW, I have requested a Saturday morning tour purely out of curiosity.

    Anyone have a monocle I can borrow?
  • @whynot_31, I am so excited for your viewing and your subsequent report to us :)

    $2400 for a studio in Crown Heights... that is truly astonishing. I am curious to know just how big this studio is. Are you paying for the location/proximity to the subway, or for living in a "hip" area? As I reside on Nostrand, it is just a reminder of how a neighborhood can vary to extremes from block to block. This kind of thing makes me think I may have to find a new and cheaper 'hood when my current living situation expires.
  • The developers have yet to respond to my request for a time.

    If they do, I may invite a few friends along.

    If asked who all these people are, I will explain that I have a very diverse family.
  • You should bring a talking hamster and say that it's your gruff but lovable father..
  • I have received a time. Any readers interested in joining me should contact me the PM feature.

    Posting the date and time might cause them to cancel my appt.
  • Very posh AND tiny.
  • A look at the interiors:

    Also, official listings:

    Lastly, maybe it's time to take "aka The Hole" off the title of this thread, as it hasn't been a "hole" in a long time!
  • That makes sense. The mods could create a thread titled something like "341 Eastern Parkway begins listings", move the recent posts, and provide a link to this historical thread.
  • whynot_31 said:

    Yes, you read correctly, they stated there are 3000 people who have expressed an interest in seeing one of the about 70 units.

    Of those 3000, I wonder how many are simply curious about the interiors and how many are serious about renting (and in a financial position to do so). Also, considering the fact that many of us signed up on the 341EPW site several months ago, some of those who'd originally expressed interest may have found homes elsewhere by now.
  • whynot_31 said:

    Maybe those units are the ones with the balconies that allow one good views of the West Indian Day Parade?

    My husband and I were just talking about the parade last night, wondering about those people who will move into 341EPW from other parts of NYC without reading or investigating much about the neighborhood. They're sure to experience something of a rude awakening come Labor Day weekend!

  • If they want, I'm sure someone will trade apartments with them for that weekend.

    I suspect many of the 3000 won't show up this weekend.

    As that saying goes, "we only need enough." In this case that number is probably around 200.

    PM me if you want to come along on the tour.

    BTW, a few weeks ago we jabbered about how they did have their TCO yet. If was awarded on 6/27, and is the reason they can now do showings and have people move in.

    It also means the build out of Capital One and Starbucks can begin.

    Here's a copy:
  • We have gone on our tour.

    We saw the model unit in the photos above, so I didn't bother to take additional photos of it except for the master bath and kitchen. It has central air and its own compressor, and the renter would pay for electric.

    It is going for $3800, plus $50 to rent a washer/dryer. Parking would be extra. They only have 7 units this large, and they might lease them all this weekend.

    Despite being among the biggest units in the building, this unit was not large: it was about 950 sq ft.

    However, If you were working in Manhattan for someplace like a bank (ie making about $180k), were young and just wanted a quick commute and some nightlife, such a units would work for you... Your partner (getting their MBA?) would have a place to study.

    Here are views from the windows, and from the roof deck: