Goodbye Huge EP/Bedford Car Wash and Gas Station
  • 1525 Bedford
    1519 Bedford

    "The site, which includes 500 feet of wrap-around frontage, is a block-through space on the eastern side of Bedford Avenue between Lincoln Place and Eastern Parkway.

    The zoning designation offers a combined as-of-right buildable square footage of 110,203 s/f. There is an opportunity for a developer to increase total buildable square footage by 34,201 s/f taking part in NYC’s Inclusionary Housing Program.

    An asking price isn’t listed for the property, but industry sources say the site could fetch $30 to $35 million. Prices in Brooklyn have risen significantly in recent months, a trend Knakal sees continuing."


    This brings the number of large developments I am watching up to 16:
  • OMG! where will all the people who need to wash there car every other minute go?  This is so unfair.
  • To ease the transition, should the management of the car wash start playing this song by the Brady Bunch?

  • Is this zoned commercial (so hotel, storage, etc.) or is can this be residential?
  • Residential is allowed.

    The lot was upzoned as part of the most recent rezone. It was discussed here:

    And, frankly, just a matter of time before the owner of the site decided to cash in.
  • So, in the end, the City Council has the final say, not City Planning, the Board of Standards and Appeals, the Community Board, the Mayor or the Boro President.
    The Trojan Horse for me that came as a surprise in all this was the upzoning of Franklin Avenue, which went from R6B to R7A.  That means that, according to the Zoning Handbook issued by the Dept of City Planning, that the FAR goes from 2.0 to 4.0 and the maximum height goes to 80 feet from 50 feet.  Fro example under the old R6B zoning, the owner of the vacant lot on 730 Franklin Avenue that used to be  a community garden, could have built a 5,4000 sf building.  Under the new 7A zoning, a 10,800 sf building can be built.  Just to make that real, at the going rate of $800 per sf, the old zoning would have allowed a building worth $4.32 million. Under that new zoning, a building on that lot would be worth $8.64 million, an increase in value of $4.32 million.  
    If you think the owners, 730 Franklin LLC in Woodmere NY aren't pleased, think again, especially when you consider they bought the vacant lot from Vithal Dande on 8-21-12 for just $800,000.
  • In 2016, this immediate area may be one of the busiest construction areas in Brooklyn:

    1. A large building will be under construction at the site of the former theater (Lincoln and Bedford).

    2. The armory will be repurposed.

    3. The car wash gas station site.

    4. The gas station that used to be on the SW corner of EP and Bedford that is rumored to become a hotel.
  • I am pleased it will be gone as I stopped running on that sidewalk due to the soap on it. i have slipped. I also hate that I have to cross the street with my stroller or risk getting hit by opening door from hand drying clerks.  I was pleased when they finally got thier business out of the bike lane but then the sidewalk became unwalkable by the block.    Once they changed the bussiness from automated drying inside the building to hand drying outside their bussiness outgrew their property line.  I heard last year that this was in the works from Letitia James office so I have been waiting.  And this move will make north bound traffic crossing EP on Bedford smoother.
  • Now if they can just get the cars off the illegal parking lot on the sidewalk in front of Chase and the Pharmacy, this will not be a dreaded pedestrian zone. Oh, also a pedestrian crossing signal on the North side of EP would be helpful so pedestrians are not at risk of being run over by cars with the green left turning arrow. 
  • Oh Yes. We have to preserve the pedestrian safety crossing Bedford. 4 crosswalks and no regard for walkers. A couple signs ; 'yield to Pedestrians' should be minimal.
  • Details about the site, some cool photos, and a form to sign if you are a real estate agent who would like the commission from selling a property for around $30M:

    The car vacuums alone must be worth $50!
  • If this effort was successful, the realtors received a few bids by their July 30th deadline:

    ...and any day now, we will see either media about the sale taking place, or some new ads for a buyer.
  • Apparently, it sold for $50m.  The garage will be closed in two weeks and the gas station and car wash by the end of December.

    I just went to get my oil changed, and it comes with a free car wash.  I asked the cashier how long I have to use it, and he said that I have 2 weeks as they are closing.  I asked if the property sold, and he said yes.  When I went back to my car, I pried a little more - The man working on the car told me that the property sold for $50m a couple months back, and that it will all be closed by the end of December with the garage going first in two weeks.
  • Thanks @southeast!

    I'll forward this on to DNA, Curbed and Brownstoner. Hopefully they can figure out who the architect is and score some renderings.
  • @whynot_31 - Is there a chance the buyer will sit on this until the armory is decided (similar to the southwest corner)?
  • I believe this will become high end residential , with possibly some below market units as a result of being in the "voluntary inclusive zoning" zone.

    So, I don't think the developer will wait to see what shape the armory will take.

    I suspect the developer is lining up additional investors, talking with an architect, and meeting with the city re: whether the FAR bonus is worth the expenses.

  • I wasn't able to find anything on ACRIS.
  • It will likely be in Brownstoner, Curbed, and YIMBY before it appears on the Finance site or the DOB's site.
  • @whynot_31 - Any preliminary feedback from your contacts at Curbed and Brownstoner?
  • Hopefully they will run an article on it soon. They make phone calls, and have things like editors that try to ensure facts are involved.

  • Great. And by great I mean this sucks. 
  • clayfilms said:

    Great. And by great I mean this sucks. 

    Curious... Why?

  • southeast said:

    clayfilms said:

    Great. And by great I mean this sucks. 

    Curious... Why?

    Because people with cars appreciate gas stations. Gas, air for your tires, oil changes etc... Very useful for people with cars. 
  • I wasn't sure if you were lamenting on new development or the loss of a gas station.  I will miss the gas station as well, but I look forward to the development.
  • Considering I walk by here (and have to dodge all the cars, constantly fearing for my life) far more often than I get gas, I will not miss this place. There's always the 5 gas stations on Atlantic Ave close by. 
  • good bye car wash. I won't miss your slippery soapy sidewalks I will finally be able to use them
  • @Dawndew,

    The soapy sidewalks are just the surface (literally).

    I bet when the developers eventually demolish the car wash and start excavating to lay the foundation for whatever they build there, the soil underneath will be full of many alphabets worth of chemicals. I wouldn't want to be living downwind of there when they are digging it up.
  • grwd said:


    The soapy sidewalks are just the surface (literally).

    I bet when the developers eventually demolish the car wash and start excavating to lay the foundation for whatever they build there, the soil underneath will be full of many alphabets worth of chemicals. I wouldn't want to be living downwind of there when they are digging it up.

    I believe that any buyer would demand a Environmental Report which would require that all tanks be tested for leaks. Also, NYState DEP and NYC OEC has strict requirements for the land under residential property. It is up to the owners of the property to prove that to the authorities before any permits would be approved. 

    This one may not be quick. . . . 
  • Pedestrians also often lose the use of the sidewalk during construction.

    The earliest we can probably look forward to a new, obstruction-free, soap-free sidewalk is 2017.
  • I talked with some of the car wash guys on Thursday. They confirmed it is closing in a few weeks. When asked where they would find work, one of them stated "I'll find something. I always do. I haven't been here that long."

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