• They were doing wheelies all around my block between Nostrand and New York all day yesterday. I don't know who to call anymore.
  • Try calling the precinct directly. I don't have the number handy, but its available on-line.
  • The 77th's number is 718-735-0611.
  • This has been a horrible night for cars blaring rap music, dirt bikes and motorcycles.
  • I'm getting rap music as well.  Shouldn't the cops give tickets for this?
  • southeast said:

    I'm getting rap music as well.  Shouldn't the cops give tickets for this?

    That requires 2 things. 1. Cops to start giving a rat's ass about the laws they're supposed to enforce. 2. A push from the higher ups to enforce those laws.
  • The local higher ups should be required to live in the boundary of the precinct they command for a portion of the summer.
  • @Dawndew That would be wonderful! I suspect if that happened all the dirtbikes would suddenly disappear after commanders' first summer weekend. 
  • At the meeting I attended, CO Lott stated it takes he and his officers incdreible amounts of restraint to not chase the dirt bikers and patiently wait to learn where they are stored.

    Apparently, the dirt bikers literally goad the officers into chasing them, and give the officers the middle finger, etc.

    However, the officer must resist.
  • @whynot_31 One could argue it's restraint. I argue it is systemic incompetencey that exists in all levels of the NYPD. One of these days a dirt bike is going to kill someone and the NYPD will share a large part of the blame.
  • The CO's perspective was that the likelihood and severity of bad results stemming from a chase exceeded the likelihood of good results.

    ...he likely was speaking from a liability perspective.

    Yes, I am sure dirt bikes have and will kill people, and they are obnoxious.

    However, we need an alternative that isn't worse.

    Having a helicopter see where they are stored seems reasonable to me.

    Having an unmarked car sit near their favorite gas station also seems well thought out.

    You might not be aware that about 1 in 20 arrests of a 16 or 17 year old for a misdemeanor results in a conviction.

    http://www.courtinnovation.org/sites/default/files/documents/ADP Y2 Report Final _v2.pdf

    The police are....
  • As a result of a complaint re: ATV riding, the nearby 88th Pct just confiscated 14 dirt bikes and quads from a storage unit.


    It isn't hard to imagine that the "possessors" sometimes rode them in Crown Heights.

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