The 71st Pct is picked as a training ground
  • As reported in other media sources (ie I am too lazy to link at the moment), the 71st Pct recently got an influx of officers fresh out of the police academy.

    Under the supervision of more senior officers, they are being used to do lots of ticketing and other work.    Today, they were active on Franklin Ave near Union, checking the insurance and registration of every vehicle that passed.   

  • And here I thought all the DDs in our area were just incredibly popular!
  • During my walk around Nostrand/Rogers/Eastern tonight the increased number of cops was striking. Gotta say, it was a little nerve-wracking to see so many young guys with guns hanging out on the corners.
  • states there are 78 of them.   

  • I often see the cops stopping vehicles on that particular corner. Usually Thursdays for some reason. Is this how they put the rookies to work?
  • The 71st just received these rookies.

    The police have been very active at Franklin and Union for several months, focusing on the drug trade and hanging out.

    It should be interesting to see how 71st uses the rookies and how long they have them.

    In the past, they assigned them to Impact Zones. However, I believe that term is no longer in fashion due to the change in leadership: New pct commander, commissioner and mayor.

  • Yeah, that's right in front of my building.  They're out there all the time.  Sometimes they set up closer to Union, other times closer to President.  For a long time there was an officer posted in a car close to 24 hours a day at the corner of Franklin and President.  Lately the police presence is decidedly heavier on the south side of the Parkway than the north side.
  • I am seeing so many police out. Feeling a bit like a police state. Not complaining, it's a bit surreal.
  • @mcpoet, I remember that 24/7 police car. I still see cars there but it is a bit more random and not all the time.

    Once it left I wasn't sure if i should feel more safe, or less.
  • All depends.  Relative to the gunshots, stabbings, and violence of the early 2000s, I'll take it.  I've seen multiple people shot and killed right at that intersection, or within a couple blocks.  The worst was probably when an elderly woman in a wheelchair (that she was in as a result of getting shot in an armed robbery in the 80s) got hit by a stray bullet and killed.  Heard the whole thing, from the initial shots, the cops on scene, the family members wailing in unimaginable grief upon learning the news.  While I'm ambivalent about living in what sometimes looks like a police state, I'm even more ambivalent about living in the wild west, where you have to be constantly fearful of getting shot.  Lesser of two evils, I suppose...
  • In Impact Zones, the rookie officers enforced every law on the books.

    So far, I have not yet heard of the new cops being used to enforce laws like littering.

    ...but they are reportedly still arresting folks for dealing weed, and keeping people from loitering in lobbies.
  • selling untaxed cigarettes seems a pretty minor crime.

    The 71st pct is likely using the rookies for this as well.

  • In addition to checking lic and registration, they are also checking the window tinting of cars:

    By law, window tinting can only be so dark.

  • Despite the influx of police there was a shooting today at 1:15 in the afternoon:

    7/23/2014 1:15 p.m.|-73.9616396,40.6666762|Shooting |POLICE| Washington Ave & Montgomery St <br> Brooklyn, NY|BROOKLYN: *SHOOTING* WASHINGTON AVE & MONTGOMERY ST. LVL-1 MOB CALLED IN REGARDS. (c) [MNS183]|1406135702|MNS
  • Franklin Avenue between EP and Union today: 


    The basics of how to make a stop, what angle to stand at....    How to interact with angry drivers.

    photo:  obi1noly

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