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Staying fit in Crown Heights

I was a bit worried, before moving from Washington ave to New York ave, about the lack of good gyms in east Crown Heights and judging from the number of times the question gets asked on these boards, I'm not the only one. But then (cue chiming bells and birdsong) I discovered Urban Asanas on Nostrand. It's a yoga studio, and I never considered myself much of an Om type girl, but Jyll's classes are kickass hard and just fantastic. She makes you sweat, she makes you laugh, and then she makes you meditate. After taking classes there for a month, I feel fitter than I ever have before. And on top of it, she's created a real community - she learns your name and makes you feel welcome, people hang out after class, get to know each other. I'm not shilling, I promise -- I have no financial stake! I just have developed a serious crush on this locally-owned, black-owned, female-owned business and want to spread the word. 

And also -- has anyone tried the crossfit? 


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    Is there anyone that joined Crunch on Lefferts and Utica that can share their experience?
  • There is also a crossfit (Crowhill Crossfit) gym on Park Pl. b/w Nostrand and Rogers.  The coaches there are amazing (I'm a member)
  • Check out the st John's recreation center on 1261 prospect place
    I like it.
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    St Johns is pretty good, but the weight room is crazy packed weekday nights 5-8pm. The only times I ended up going were Saturday and Sunday early afternoons. The lack of a sufficient gym is one of the worst things about Nostrand Ave. I emailed NYC Parks and Rec about having the lower playground / sculpture thing at Brower Park converted into an outdoor fitness station, and got a response saying "Good idea, we'll keep that in mind..." Maybe if we get a petition going here, it might get their attention?
  • if there was a petition, I'd sign it! And maybe the people manning the mini farmer's market in brower park on saturdays would keep a copy on their table. 

    I've heard the pool at St. Johns is good, haven't checked it out myself yet though. 
  • the pool is undiscovered, don't tell anyone.
  • That lower park is very important to the younger set here and I would protest it being taken from my kids who are too old for the kiddie plyground and unable to compete for the hoops taken by the teens and older.  How is that gym on St Marks near Key Food? Nostrand Fitness?
  • oh nooo moving farther from me. I have a fantasy that the parking lot on sterling place right west of nostrand will become a gym when the Hello Living building finally fills up. 
  • The people at the CrossFit are very nice, but I was disappointed that they didn't offer a Foundations program to teach the exercises and equipment to beginners, which many other CrossFit gyms offer. I took a couple of classes, realized I was setting myself up to get hurt, and stopped.

    I can't tell from the Urban Asanas website, but I'm going to guess that Jyll is the same Jyll who taught at Shambhala Yoga for years. She's great - I didn't know she had her own studio now. Thanks for the heads-up! There are some great teachers at Brooklyn Yoga Collective as well.
  • Hey, Mishaps!  I'm the owner at Crow Hill, and we certainly do have a foundations program!  We have had it since September 2013, and it's mandatory before you join regular classes.  Feel free to message me directly ( if you have any questions.  Form and technique are the most important things to us!
  • And also -- has anyone tried the crossfit? 
    Come on by sometime, Laura!  We offer free intro classes Sundays at noon, and if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.  Feel free to contact me directly at
    Hope to talk to you soon!
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