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Introduction and Thank You to whynot_31

Hello Brooklyian Community/ Boerum Hill Residents-

LONGTIME lurker and first time poster, not a big fan of writing, but I am going to try! I recently moved from Crown Heights, Franklin Ave. area to Boerum Hill, Nevis/ State St. hood. After stumbling on this blog years ago and keeping up to date on all the changes that were happening in the CH hood, big THANK YOU to whynot_31, for all his knowledge and reasoning to keep everyone up to date on the happenings in that area and keep discussions moving along. I always told myself that if I spotted something before whynot_31 I would write my first post....never happened, the guy is good! 

I am adapting quite well to my new hood and I am confident I will enjoy the area! I thought I would miss living on the "fringe area" of Prospect Heights/ Crown Heights and witnessing firsthand the transition/ change of a neighborhood. But the more I walk around and explore here I am experiencing the "fringe area" of Downtown BK into Boerum Hill. The BoCoCa section of this page is missing it's "voice" that whynot_31 brings to the CH section so I am going to attempt to be the "voice" on the blog for the Boerum Hill area. Big shoes to fill/ follow...

Similarities of CH and BH:
CH has it's "big 6 to big 11 development watch"  and BH from my count right now has around 10" ish" ,small to large developments, that are already in the works or just recently sold and will begin construction shortly. I will start a new thread to follow these more in depth. CH has new restaurants opening, what felt like weekly, BH has some signs in windows of "coming soon" or work happening presently in locations. I will try and get a handle on the new restaurants as well. Like a wise man, whynot_31, once said "...a neighborhood will start to change when the means and preferences of the residents change..."  I feel like in the next couple years the "means and preferences" along with the skyline on the blocks around Nevins and Flatbush/ Atlantic Ave will start to change and I would like to be the one to update as it happens. 

I will end my first post/ introduction here and will try and make it to the gathering tomorrow evening in the old stomping grounds to introduce myself. Covenhoven is a great place!  Until the next post...



  • I look forward to meeting you!
  • Welcome! I look forward to reading about an area I know little about!

    Also, Whynot's head is big enough. This post may push him over the top.
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    @Xlizellx -
    You have nothing to worry about.

    I get no where near the credit I am due. :)
  • Enjoy. I was born and raised in BH. It's a great place.
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