Prospect Heights CSA
  • Each Thursday Crown/Prospect Heights residents walk by the Prospect Heights CSA pickup spot where members come to get their produce, dairy, meet and flower shares, wondering how they can join and have such fresh, healthy food items. I'm usually too busy signing people in to talk to them about our neighborhood CSA and what it is exactly, so I wanted to write a little blurb on Brooklynian to let people know how they can join.

    The link and application is, and below is a brief description pasted here from the website, but to summarize; members pay (more or less depending on income) in advance before crops are harvested, which helps the local farmer. Then, during the season, each week (or every other week for a half share) you show up and get incredible tasty, usually organic items you've signed up for at much better prices than you would at some of the farmer's markets/Whole Foods, etc. You can choose veggies and/or fruit, dairy, eggs, meats, and flowers. The farmer benefits, our community benefits, our bellies benefit. Win/win. Plus you get to meet really cool neighbors.

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In a CSA, a farmer
    partners with a community of people hungry for locally grown produce.
    That community invests in the farm by paying for “shares” of what the
    farm will grow before the season starts. This gives the farmer money to
    buy seeds and equipment and tells him or her how many crops to grow.
    Then, during the growing season, the community gets a “share” of the
    fresh vegetables that the farm grows, delivered directly to their

    Prospect Heights Community Supported
    Agriculture is a community collaboration that connects a group of
    Brooklynites hungry for sustainably grown foods with Windflower Farm, a
    small organic farm located in upstate New York.  As CSA members, we
    invest in the farm’s financial stability by paying for “shares” in what
    the farm will produce before the start of the growing season.
    In exchange, for 22 weeks of the year we receive fresh vegetables,
    fruit, flowers, free-range eggs, and more, delivered straight from the
    farm to the heart of our neighborhood. We were founded in 2006 with
    support from Just Food.

  • Two things:

    First: You have a typo in the website link. You transposed the "CS" in the "CSA"

    Second, WHERE is the pickup spot?  I can't find the address anywhere in this post, or on the CSA's own website.  Location is a pretty important factor for determining whether or not someone can participate, and you might want to share that.

    I'm not a member of the PH CSA, but I do belong to another one in the
    neighborhood.  I love my CSA, and if you can find one that works for
    you, then I highly recommend doing it.

    ETA: (No idea why those URLs are showing up at that bottom of this post.)
  • Thanks so much BKCHICKIE. Yes, the link is As for the location, it varies, so the potential member can contact the csa and someone will let them know depending on when they get accepted/ which season.

    Thanks again!

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