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Report Traffic Safety Issues

edited July 2014 in Prospect Heights
I'm putting this in Prospect Heights, because that's my neighborhood, but it's relevant borough wide!

Report your traffic-safety issues here:


  • This is a great site!
  • That's great. I find the crossing over Flatbush ave, close to the library, extremely dangerous. Especially on Saturdays with the Farmers marked trucks blocking the view.
  • Crossing at St. Johns where it merges into Flatbush is also a nightmare. Lots of drivers ignore the red light signal and blow through it when people are crossing Flatbush. And even when it's green the dollar vans try to avoid Flatbush traffic and whip around the corner onto Plaza Street West at full speed, clipping the curb plenty of times.

    My wife actually emailed Brad Lander's office about this a couple of months back, and a staffer replied saying that there was nothing they could do and suggested she go to a CB meeting and raise it there.
  • to "thedept"

    If I'm not mistaken, the corner that you specifically speak of is on the western side of Flatbush Ave. and therefore is in CB6. Across the street on the eastern side of the street is CB8.
    You are welcome to raise this issue to CB8, but the proper place for it would still be with CM Brad Lander, and/or with the Transportation Cmte. of CB6, and/or DoT (Dept. of Transportation). You could also call 911/311 and open a ticket with the city and have them route it. If you are as specific with them as you have been now, the issue s/b routed to DoT and CB6.
    You could/should also speak with the new Cmdr. of the 78th Precinct, Captain Frank Digiacomo, and let him know of your traffic concerns. D.I. Ameri left sometime in July.

    Wishing you and your wife safe crossing.

    Hope this helps
  • I agree it's relevant citywide, @bkchickie. I already put in my two cents for certain notorious intersections in the Crown Heights/PLG area and near Atlantic Center.
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