Has anyone seen these anyone of these 2 cats in the Bensonhurst area? — Brooklynian

Has anyone seen these anyone of these 2 cats in the Bensonhurst area?

My husband and I have been searching for our missing cats, please let us know if you or anybody you know has seen them.

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  • This is so sad, I hope you find them. Please don't forget to contact the local rescue organizations, the TNR groups, pet stores and vets in the area. Not sure if there is a local bensonhurst blog/paper or facebook group, but if so, contact them. Usually they are more then happy to get the word out.

    Good luck!
  • Thank you so much, we will be sure to try that. 
  • Contact this person: Cat.Finders@comcast.net 
    She is based in New Hampshire, but she may be able to connect you to a similar service here in NY
  • I hope you have them back now, but if not, you should also share this with Fido. That link has some tips on finding your lost pets. 

    You can follow them on FB and post to their wall, I'm pretty sure. If you email them, I think they will post it.  Their membership includes many animals lovers in Brooklyn. 
  • Mamcita had a good idea. Fortunately for you, I run the local blog/paper for Bensonhurst. Shoot me an email at nberke [at] bensonhurstbean.com, with photos, details of where and when they were last seen, how people should contact you, and any other important info. Thanks.
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