Stray, young black cat at Park and Classon on Monday night — Brooklynian

Stray, young black cat at Park and Classon on Monday night

I found a very friendly but starving, young black cat on Park Place between Washington and Classon tonight. I gave her some food, but was hoping someone was missing her. She seemed like a sweetheart. I already have a cat, but if she sticks around I will try to catch her and get her adopted. Does anyone have suggestions on where to take her if I do? 

For more details on what she looked like-- she was not fully grown, all black, no collar, and had a very long tail. I don't actually know her gender. 


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    I think I ran across her a couple weeks ago. She or he is very small right? Has green eyes?
  • If she looks like she is starving than she has been dumped.  take her in and I can help you get her tested, get shots and get fixed.  Do not let her stay out on the street.
  • @catfriend Is she the cat I think she might be?
  • This is the cat -- he's actually a dude. My friend and I are working on getting him to the vet to get him neutered. We think nobody owns him since he seems like he was starving, but he's super friendly -- let me know if you want to adopt him!
  • Yeah he's the one I've seen him around. Let me think about he is just such a super guy.
  • Has he been checked for a microchip yet?
  • If he is not neutered than I can help you get him fixed, tested and all the shots for really cheap through the aspca stationary clinic. 
  • Hey, he's not chipped. There's some more health info on him here: 

    He does have FIV :(  so he shouldn't live in a home with other cats, but he can still live a normal life with good care. 

    tsarina -- is there often a long wait to get the cat neutered with the aspca stationary clinic? Where is the clinic located?
  • Feline leukemia is the disease where the cat should be isolated from non- positive cats.  FIV cats are okay to mix with non- positive cats.  There is not a long wait at a stationary clinic. A registered rescuer can usually get an appt the same week.  the mobile clinics that are open to the public are on a first come, first served basis.  The stationary clinic is in Glendale Queens. The mobile vans change from week to week. look at aspca web site.
  • If you know his status than he is probably already fixed.  Where did the request for funds come from?   
  • Hey sorry, it was not my intention to solicit funds - I just linked to that page because it had info on the cat's medical records. My friend captured it (well, it walked into his home) three weeks ago but the cat escaped before he could get it neutered / adopted. 

    I found it again this week, and we just realized it was the same cat. Sorry if that was confusing. 
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