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Developments in Eastern CH

I figured I'd start a discussion on eastern CH to compliment @whynot_31 's discussion on western CH.  I'm not sure there is much at this point, but in anticipation...


  • I think we will first need to define west vs. east.  Would Nostrand be a good dividing line?
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  • I would argue that Kingston might be a better dividing line. To me, Crown Heights operates around three major spheres of influence: Franklin Ave, Nostrand Ave, Kingston Ave, and Utica Ave. Franklin is definitely West, Utica is definitely East.

    Maybe the Nostrand sphere is central crown heights? :)
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    If we are creating three sections, Nostrand to Kingston = Central Crown Heights.

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    Kingston to me seems to be part of CH east.  Think of those who shop on Kingston; they come from both sides - east of Nostrand and west of Utica - so I'm hesitant to split it.  Kingston is easily "crossed."  I picked Nostrand as I feel that it is not as much the case.  

    I agree Franklin is definitely west.  Similar to Kingston, utilized by those who live on both sides of it.
  • Socio economics seem to presently establish Kingston as a blurry line.
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    So since I live in "southeast" CH, that is south of Eastern Parkway, I will try to focus on this area.  

    Troy Avenue has some empty lots on which I'm eager to see some movement - a small one on Troy and President; a decent sized one on Troy and Carroll; and a very large one on Troy and Crown.

    Albany Avenue has an empty lot as well on the corner of Union.
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    If you are willing to drop business cards in laundry mats, etc, I'll get you a big stack.

    We could use some more posters from SE.

  • When is the next gathering?  I will try to make it and take a few cards for SE (along with some tips on how to discretely leave them behind in strategic locations).  I really wanted to join the last one but was out of town for both the small and official gatherings.

    I have one particular place in mind - the laundromat on the corner of Troy and Crown which seems to be frequented by "gentrifiers," in addition to the locals.
  • I try to leave them in places where

    a. People are bored.
    b. The audience uses a computer at work.
    c. The audience seems like they are going to live in Crown Heights for a while.

    As a result, I like leaving them at Community Board/tenant/merchant association meetings, as well as laundromats. At approximately $20 per 1000 cards, I am ok with only a fraction of the recipients ever posting.

    ....far more people read this thing than post on it.
  • I think the way this discussion is going is akin to the balkanization of Northern Africa and the middle east after WW1 & WW2.
    I have lived on Kingston Avenue and lived just off of Nostrand Avenue during my more than 60 years in Crown Heights.

    If you are going to try and discuss Crown Heights, I think that Bedford Avenue is the dividing line between east and west Crown Heights.

    The only thing that differentiated the respective poles of Crown Heights was the socio-economics of the respective housing stock coming out of that geographic split, and they way it has progressed from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80, 90s, and into this new millenium.

    If you are going to discuss eastern Crown Heights and say that there isn't much to talk about, you must be ignorant of all the talent that resides in the community.  A principle problem in identifying the talents of this community lies in the fact that so many people within this community lend their talents in Bed-Stuy and other communities, or live in public housing and therefore don't come into contact with many of the personae that comment on this blog.

  • But thanks to WN31_MF for stimulating comment and ideas for our community.
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    In this recent thread, I kicked around the idea of there being 5 pretty distinct neighborhoods within Crown Heights:

    1.   The area defined by EP, Washington, Atlantic, Nostrand

    2.   The area defined by Nostrand, EP, Albany and Atlantic.

    3.   The area defined by Washington, EP, Nostrand and Empire

    4.   The "Lubavitch Area":   Nostrand,  EP, Utica?, Empire

    5.   The area defined by Albany, Atlantic, Saratoga, ENY Ave/Empire. 


    Needless to say the 5 areas are constantly shifting...

    --->  Some people believe that I don't talk about the area east of Nostrand much because I don't believe there is much to talk about.    Actually the explanation is tied to the areas I walk my dog.   We only walk so far from where I live, and hence, I don't develop as many insights/relationships/observations beyond that zone.
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    Although they are welcome, the site does not tend to get a lot of Lubavitch posters. 
  • All this subdividing is driving me up the wall, but that's a rant for another day.

    To the point of this thread, the ones I have seen or read about:

    The old Associated supermarket at 236 Buffalo at St. Johns is under construction. Don't know what it will be, but it's a big building/lot.

    There's the recently completed 106 affordable rentals at 110 Rochester Ave at Dean:

    The factory right across the street at 100 Rochester has both a for rent by owner sign and a Kalmon Dolgin sign, though I couldn't find a listing for it on their site.

    1493 Park at Rochester is being refurbished. It used to be 19-20 residential units plus commercial space. The store is for rent through Mutual Housing NY (and no longer looks anything like it used to in this picture: Park Place Ad.pdf)

    Another affordable rental, 87 units, is going up at 250 Utica at Lincoln. There's also commercial space, with the Blink Fitness already open. It's one of the four developments east of Kingston on Curbed's list of Crown Heights' residential building boom:

    1705 Dean Street near Utica has plans for 25 units:

    Plans for 35 affordable units at 1173 Bergen near Utica:

    The 17-unit church conversion at 991 Eastern Parkway:
    108 Albany at Pacific is finishing up a renovation. It originally had six residential and four commercial units. The apartments are affordable: And the new storefronts look great.
    108 Albany

    252 Albany at Sterling is also being renovated. Don't know the details on this one.
    Albany mini mart
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    Of the projects that nothinlike just listed, I think we have only discussed:

    The church conversion at 991 EP:

    The gym that is part of mixed income building on Utica:'s clear, Eastern CH has dumpsters and guys with power tools everywhere.

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    Thank you very much @nothinglikeabklyngirl.  I rarely venture north of EP and east of Troy, but it does seem like north "eastern CH has dumpsters and guys with power tools everywhere" as @whynot_31 puts it.  Not so much the case south of EP.
  • I think that the area east of Kingston/west of Utica and south of EP/north of Empire has a lot of single/two-family homes which have already been settled in and often renovated. When those homes become available, they are most often purchased by Lubavitch looking for a place for their families. We have LOTS of young, married couples here. While there are some empty plots in the area, they tend not to be massive ones for redevelopment. Most of the re-development I've seen in this area has been limited to gut renovations of the small/medium size apartment buildings. (There's one now on Troy and Union.) There was a larger parcel available on ENY Ave near Schenectady, but a low rise apartment building was erected there about a year ago and it is already rented out. Also, a couple of larger properties were developed for schools in recent years. (I know of three.) The few vacant parcels I know of are probably already spoken for. I doubt many single family homes in this area of Crown Hts will be bought up and torn down for apartment buildings since there is simply too great a demand for single family homes. At least not in my lifetime. 
  • I see that there is a "Friends of Brower Park."
    I would really like to see a "Friends of Lincoln Terrace Park." It is really a nice, large place with plenty of seating as well as basketball and other sports areas. The southern part of the park is usually quite well populated, the northern part (between Carroll and EP) less so. 
  • @morralkan - Do you have any info on the building on the corner of Troy and Union.  It seems like there are a couple holdouts.  Thanks.

    With regard to Troy and Carrol which is a fairly large corner lot (I'd say large enough for 6-8 units per floor, depending on size of unit), I hear that development is on its way; that they are making progress.  It is zoned R4, and my understanding is that the neighbors were causing issues as the owner may have been looking to get a variance of some sort.

    With regard to Troy and Crown, which is a massive lot by neighborhood standards, I hear it is very expensive to build there.  There is a large mountain there so a lot of dirt would have to be moved (as was done for 580 Crown), and I've also hear talk of bedrock.
  • I don't have any info on the building. I did notice that there were obviously a couple of occupied apartments there since some windows were not covered with plywood. I'm guessing that whatever the renovations, the height of the building will not be increased. On the corner of President and Albany, when they gut-renovated that building (of similar size) a few years ago, they also did not increase the height. I'm guessing the same forces that might have prevented that one will also be in effect this time. 

    As to Troy and Carroll, I agree that something will eventually come, though I don't have any first hand info. I neighbor who might know something is away till the fall, so I really have no one to ask. Probably again, the height will be limited to 4 or at most 6 stories for the reason above.  

    I did look at the Friends of Lincoln Terrace Park. It seems to me, from the limited pictures and text there, that this may simply be a kindergarten/1st grade class project. I very very rarely like or friend anything on Facebook, but I will do so in this case and see if any further news pops up. (By the way, I went to PS 189 for 4 1/2 years MANY years ago and my mother also taught there for several years.)
  • By the way, bklyngirl, thanks for the information.
  • You're welcome. And no, their page doesn't seem like much but I figured that would be a good place to start. I bet other folks who are interested have stumbled across them as well and maybe they could put you in touch with each other. My hubby went to 189 also :)
  • Just to wrap up my current list of developments...


    The major developments on Kingston already have threads here. 

    Kingston Lounge: 

    Kingston, aka the future home of Meat: 

    There are also "luxury" rentals coming to 1078 Park Place at
    Some of the units are now up on StreetEasy: I usually don't post about residential-only developments but I've been taking pics of the reno.

     Before (April 2013):

    1078 Park before

    Shrouded (November 2013):

    1078 Park shroud

    Fire escapes going in (April 2014):

    1078 Park fire escape
  • "Building facts

    Hmm. So is it a group of people who worship Shirley Chisholm?
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    They might.

    However, I suspect they prefer to be known as the Shirley Chisholm Cultural Institute.
  • 1078 Park (discussed and pictured above) is now for sale:


    TerraCRG has been retained to sell the completely renovated and restored multifamily building located at 1078 Park Place. The ~11,100 SF property is situated on the corner of Park Place and Kingston Avenue in the Crown Heights Kingston Shopping District and just across the street from Brower Park.

    The four story property consists of eight completely renovated apartments each with large layouts, with three to four bedrooms each. The building’s lobby has been renovated and redesigned, the hallways and staircases in the building have also been renovated. The unit mix consists of two 3-bedroom duplexes, four 3-bedroom and two 4-bedroom apartments. The apartments feature brand new kitchens, bathrooms, new windows, new hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, new HVAC systems, new hot water heaters and all have video intercom. Unit 2R has access to a rooftop patio.

    The building will be delivered fully rented with free market unit status and rents averaging $50 per square foot with annual rent over $345,000.

    Crown Heights has seen tremendous transformation over the last decade with many condo developments, strong retail, and a robust brownstone sales market. In just a few years, rents have risen from $25/SF to $45/SF, and are poised to reach $50/SF and above within the next two years.

    The building is also only a short distance from the Kingston Avenue 3 Subway Station. The property is also accessible through the B43 bus line that runs North on Kingston Avenue, and South on Brooklyn Avenue.
  • Wow! on quite a few points.  The rent must be quite a bit, almost in the range of 341 EP; and asking 13.6 x rent... On Kingston?!  Wow.  This area is changing... fast.
  • So since I live in "southeast" CH, that is south of Eastern Parkway, I will try to focus on this area.  

    Troy Avenue has some empty lots on which I'm eager to see some movement - a small one on Troy and President; a decent sized one on Troy and Carroll; and a very large one on Troy and Crown.

    Albany Avenue has an empty lot as well on the corner of Union.
    Finally... For the corner of Troy and Carroll: 26 Units Slated for 341 Troy Avenue in Crown Heights
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    699 Eastern Parkway, close to the northwest corner of Brooklyn Ave. - See more at:
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    A friend of mine asked me about 1308 and 1314 Lincoln Place.  It is currently an empty lot and appears to be owned by Brookland Capital..  I had a look around, and it appears that, back in October, they filed for a two new 6 story residential buildings with 13 units each.  I haven't seen this discussed anywhere else.

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    A new development east of Utica in the far southeast corner of Crown Heights.

    "Pushing ever deeper into Crown Heights, a permit application was filed yesterday with the Department of Buildings to construct a 50-unit apartment building at 12 Ford Street, on the narrow, two-block-long oddly shaped street on the far eastern edge of the neighborhood."

    YIMBY: Permits Filed: 12 Ford Street, Crown Heights - 

    YIMBY describes the location as "Near the East New York border with East Flatbush and divided from Brownsville by Lincoln Terrace Park," but that must be a mistake.

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    There are two Ford Streets in Brooklyn, which seems to confuse google.

    These links go to the right one:

    Ford and ENY Ave.

    I suspect the decrepit red house and the vacant lot around it, will soon be history.
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    @whynot_31 - I don't think that is correct.  12 Ford St., 11213, (Block: 1415 Lot: 32) is between Carroll and Crown.  The decrepit red house is 1017 ENY Ave.  The link to Google maps which I posted appears to be correct.

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    Fine, the red house stays, for a while.

    ...but your google link takes me to Ave U. and Ford, which is decidely the wrong Ford St.
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    It appears that the same owner owns Block: 1415 Lots: 31, 32, 33, and 34.  If the developer got all of them, the site would be 100 x 100.  

    But I also note that the same owner owns lot 36 as well.  Lot 35, owned by someone else, if not purchased as well, was likely was part of some serious negotiations.  Lot 37, the corner, is owned yet by another person.

    And BTW, the zoning is R7-1!

  • Fine, the red house stays, for a while.

    ...but your google link takes us to Ave U. and Ford, which is decidely the wrong Ford St.
    Interesting.  This is what I get when I click it.  Damn Google.

    12 Ford St. Brooklyn, NY 11213
  • Got it, we are talking about the lots with the trees, and some wooden houses.
  • "the apartment building would rise seven stories and 75 feet into the air. Its 50 apartments (which appear to us to be market-rate) would be spread over a bit more than 34,000 square feet of residential space, for an average unit size of under 700 square feet, with between six and nine units per floor. There will be 22 parking spaces, of which 15 are required by the zoning code."

    It seems like they only got 4 lots for a total of 100 x 100.  34k sqf is pretty much maxing out that space.  100 x 100 = 10k x R7-1 FAR of 3.44 = ~34k.
  • I think it safe to assume the residents will shop on Utica between EP and Carroll, as they walk to and from the subway.

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    And now the northwest corner of Ford and Crown (Block: 1415 Lots: 35, 36, and 37; next door to the 12 Ford Street development discussed above)... 

    "24 Ford Street: An LLC has filed applications for a seven-story, 55-unit residential building measuring nearly 36,900 square feet at the vacant lot of 24 Ford Street, in eastern Crown Heights. Charles Mallea, of M Architecture, is designing."

  • Fine, the red house stays, for a while. 
    May not be for much longer.  Seems like the corner of Ford, East New York, and Rochester, consisting of 2 lots, will be the next obvious site to be developed in the area...
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    People too lazy to click may appreciate a photo of the red house (1017 East New York Avenue at the corner of Ford and Rochester), and its state of repair.


    Demolition looks like it will be a quick process.

    I wouldn't surprise me if the yellow house in the foreground (378 Rochester) ended up being knocked down by the excavator as well
  • In terms of red wooden houses, This one at 211 Troy (near Sterling) will soon be history:

    demo permit:
  • I think it safe to assume the residents will shop on Utica between EP and Carroll, as they walk to and from the subway.

    Yes; I am most excited about the change to Utica (and the park).  I am looking forward to some cool new stores.  

    These developments are pretty much in the southeastern most corner of CH.  We should now expect everything between the Ford Street developments and the Utica train station to be game for development and change. 105 new rentals (safe assumption) has the tendency to do that to an area.  

    I wasn't expecting a jump this far from the current developments (Rogers/EP area), but I welcome it nonetheless.

    Eastern CH south of EP may just turn before eastern CH north of EP.  The race has begun in earnest.
  • "My" red house already has a demolition permit. Yours does not.
  • "My" red house already has a demolition permit. Yours does not.
    :)  It's just a matter of time... the "right" offer will eventually come.  I'm sure activity has picked up recently as a result of the two developments above.
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    8 - 24 Ford Street between Carroll and Crown is now getting its own discussion:
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