Minivan vs MTA plywood, EP and Franklin, August 3. - Brooklynian

Minivan vs MTA plywood, EP and Franklin, August 3.

It isn't clear why this happened. There are no injuries.



  • Um how? Just how did this happen?
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    Two people seem to have been in the minivan, a middle age man and woman.

    I don't know which was driving.

    At 10:45 AM on Sunday, I assume intoxicants were not involved.

    It wasn't raining, so slippery road conditions are out.

    I have to assume the plywood created its own gravity, and sucked the minivan into it. I hate when that happens.
  • This occurred at 10AM or earlier. I walked by at 10:15AM and cops and ambulance were already on the scene. It looked to me like they had attempted a left turn from Franklin onto EP and misjudged how wide their turn was. But I could be wrong.
  • If they had already crashed before 10:15, I doubt the plywood was able to create a gravitational pull. Plywood likes to sleep in.

    Next theory: Aliens.
  • Aliens? Nah, it was part of Jay Z's power struggle with the illuminati. 
  • There could have easily been pedestrians involved in this accident. The curbs need to be higher on a road with such high speeds.
  • High speeds?  On Eastern Parkway?  It is difficult to achieve the 25 mph speed limit on EP!
  • @booklaw If the side utility roads are clear and the lights are right I can hit about 20 on them. Yet cars still fly by on Easter. The NYPD set up a speed sign on Washington which detects and displays drivers speeds. It was very common to  see speeds about 35 even approaching 40! 
  • Curbs seem most effective at keeping cars in the streets when the cars are going mostly paralell to them.

    This car hit the curb at about a 45 degree angle.
  • He probably swerved to avoid someone crossing against the light.
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    Given recent events I'm going to go with "distracted by immodest dress."
  • I do not believe such a distraction is a valid defense.

    ...btw, the woman present by the van (assumed to be either the driver or the passenger) was wearing pants. From a distance, both appeared Asian.
  • I saw this as well and assumed it was distracted driving. When I happened by, they were removing bagged groceries from the hatchback, presumably because the car would be towed. And fwiw, I also observed a young man still sitting patiently in the back seat, apparently uninjured.
  • So that hits every imaginable racist and sexist stereotype about female drivers and Asian drivers...
  • It may, but we have yet to rule out my preferred explanation of alien/paranormal forces.

  • Were those illegal aliens or just undocumented immigrants...
  • I suspect very few, if any, aliens are compliant with our immigration laws.

  • Booklaw- I've lived on the parkway since '99 and save for 2 years, I've owned a car the whole time. Up until they changed the speed limit, one could absolutely go over 25 (average speed is about 40mph).  

    The service roads can be just as bad- People shoot by so quickly sometimes- I send a wish to the cosmos they crash into the big tree by me. 

    However, since they've lowered the speed limit and have also taken away one of the eastbound lanes, things have gotten quieter. Coming home late on Sunday night, it's actually difficult to go 25, when there's little traffic and not everyone has gotten the message the speed limit's changed.  
  • We should start a collection of these.  You can put them with my recent 2 pics of crashes on Franklin.
    High speeds?  On Eastern Parkway?  It is difficult to achieve the 25 mph speed limit on EP!
  • I know of no rule that this thread can't be an ongoing log of crashes on EP, just as my "let's talks about the violence in Eastern Crown Heights" thread has become a log of violence.

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