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720 Nostrand empty lot was drilled for core sample

Yesterday, I saw a drill truck set up and take a core same from soil inside the lot.  Someone has a permit for construction I am guessing? Or perhaps investigating what can be built.  Since it is landmarked I suppose it cannot go higher than existing buildings. Has anyone heard about it?


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    720 Nostrand, near Prospect Place

    This old listing describes what can be built: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18064288/720-Nostrand-Ave-Brooklyn-NY/

    Obligatory pre construction photo from loopnet:
  • The previous building sat for sale for years till they tore it down. It was solid brownstone facade construction with full property width steel I-beams that seemed a shame to lose.  Knocked down about 6 years ago.
  • The previous building was the source of a bit of controversey in the neighborhood. As the story goes it had street level retail that were burned out of the building following a mysterious fire. The building sat vacant for years until the roof started to cave in. DOB issued a bunch of violations, but the owner didn't act on any of them. Scaffolding was erected to keep debris off the heads of people waiting for the bus, but no additional work. Fast forward two more years and the rest of the building starts collapsing following a weekend of rain. DOB finally declares it unsound and demolished the building. The owner pays a fine and now has an empty buildable lot without the need to evict or demolish anything.
  • Might be a different owner now.
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    The lot is also known as 718 Nostrand, and is soon to be a six story building:

    "10 apartments spread across 12,000 square feet, according to new building permits filed last week."


    In other words, about 1200 sq ft per apartment. Sounds like 2 BR condos or rentals to me.
  • So 6 stories is now the new code? Landmarked or not. Seems out of character
  • Perhaps it is just the other side of Nostrand that is landmarked as of now? Nice for them.
  • 6 stories is not similar unless you mean a dozen others are coming to Nostrand between Fulton and EP.  And Vanderbuilt is not a good comparison to NCH. You can bet this would not happen on any avenue in central park slope
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    Vanderbilt will soon become a good comparison to Nostrand.

    For a while, I've been waiting for someone to buy the decrepit wooden houses at 666 and 668 Nostrand, tear them down and put the sites back to use. They are among the next sites to "go":


    Re: Park Slope. Some neighbors of Methodist Hospital are try to stop its expansion, because they feel it is out of character and too high. The hospital was able to get variances, so I'd be surprised if the neighbors' suit is successful:


    ...the best way to preserve the present is often to take pictures.
  • This isn't about a hospital growing outside its borders. It is about density. I guess you are ok with unbridled density increase.  Pictures, really?...you are changing the discussion and subject to one about nostalgia. The thread started with test holes and core samples.
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    The zoning code and the methods to amend it, prevent unbridled density increases.

    Western Crown Heights was recently rezoned. Both sides of Nostrand were affected:


    As a result of being able to build higher on Nostrand:

    -The vacant lots will likely be built on.
    -The structures not being used will likely be torn down
    -The single story structures are at risk as well.

    The structures that replace them will (for the most part) be build to take advantage of the taller heights and FAR allowed, and the business and residential mix on Nostrand will be much different in 5 years than it is now.

    CB8 and the City Council overwhelmingly supported the rezone.
  • thanks Whynot, for the correct outlook. Now I see the sarcasm in your earlier remarks. Favors were passed around. I was not grasping the effects of rezoning in 2013. This building will mark the beginning of the new Nostrand Avenue distruction. Every landowner who can will rebuild to the new height.
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    Present and potential landowners on the commercial strips had been looking forward to the decision for quite sometime.

    Because it was such a "sure thing", the value of land increased before the zoning changes were officially passed.
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