Shooting on St Marks and Bedford, around 7:45 PM, Aug 7th
  • Street is closed off. Police and EMS everywhere. Happened around 7:45 PM

    Seems like we have one or more people shot.
  • shooting occurred mid block between bedford and franklin. could have happened inside a house.
  • Usually, the scanner sites pick up the ESU calls, but this shooting doesn't seem to have made it on to them.

    I did see one person post that they heard five shots, and some of the shots seemed to be different than the others (ie two guns).

    We will likely get the details tomorrow.    There was reportedly a few ambulances on scene.  
  • I live maybe five doors from the crime scene on the other side of the street. My girl called me while I was about to leave work to tell me she heard five or six shots from our bedroom window so must of been more like 7 15pm. I got back to my block about 8pm and they let me duck under the police tape and go to my apt. Ten minutes later my buddy was meeting me at my place and they wouldn't let him in. Ton of people they wouldn't let through no matter what. I must of been on of the last ones. Anyway, cop told me that there was a shoot out between at least two people that led to six shots fired. Police arrived and it turned into a standoff. Two hours total went by and they went in there and ended it and arrested what looked like four or five guys. Must of legitametly been 50 police personnel at the scene. Officers, K9, SWAT lookin dudes. Whole nine.

    Crazy night. Watched the whole thing from my roof.
  • Just to clarify...went in there and ended it = went into the Brownstone the shooters ran into to hide and got them. Had to drill a hole into the door and use cameras.
  • And another report from the block states that kids shot gun on Franklin Ave and ran home to their house on St. Marks, barricaded themselves inside then finally gave up. They found three guns. Mama states "He is a good boy".
  • Tsarina-
    Mamas do love their kids.

    @fluffhead -
    Thanks for the scoop. Can we get a street address?

    Was anyone actually shot?

  • Don't know the street address, but it was about halfway between Franklin and Bedford on St. Marks. Prob a little closer to the Franklin side. 

    Cop didn't say anything to me about anyone getting shot. I didn't see an ambulance taking anyone away and neither did anyone that I live with. I missed the first 45 minutes of the ordeal getting home though, so can't really confirm. I am inclined to say no one was shot. 
  • If no one was actually shot, it explains why it didn't appear on the scanner sites.

    The threshold appears to be blood.
  • When I was still a classroom teacher, I used to say that I believed in corporal punishment. I should be able to beat those mothers and fathers who brought their children up to be such horrible, worthless human beings.
    This mother would have been one of my candidates. 
  • The official scoop:

    "The 77th Precinct would like to make a community notification of arrests made in regards to a call of shots fired infront of 575 Saint Marks Avenue(Franklin Avenue- Bedford Avenue. The details are as follows:

    Thursday, August 7, 2014, at approximately 7:10pm officers responded to a radio run of shots fired. Subsequent to an investigation three loaded firearms were recovered and four individuals were arrested as a result.

    Thank you for your support & Cooperation!

    PO Tania Salters
    Community Affairs
    77th Precinct
    127 Utica Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11213

  • Officer Salters usually mentions injuries when they occur, so it continues to appear no one was shot.

    575 St Marks

  • The names of the 4 arrested, along with additional details:

    CROWN HEIGHTS — Three men and a woman were busted Thursday night after officers saw them toss a bag of loaded guns out their apartment window on St. Marks Avenue, police said.

    Jameque Moore, 26, Naquanda Campbell, 25, Quintin Fitts, 24, and Anthony Stukes, 28, were caught inside Moore's apartment at Saint Marks Ave. between Franklin and Bedford avenues after a witness who called 911 to report a 7:10 p.m. shooting said she saw the shooter flee into the building, police said.

    Two officers investigating the shooting were standing on the back deck of a residence about four doors away from 575 Saint Marks Ave. when they saw a backpack being tossed out of a window, police said.

    Police opened the bag and found two loaded semiautomatic handguns and a revolver inside, police said.

    Emergency Service Units and the Hostage Negotiation team went into the building and started a conversation with the suspect inside Moore's apartment, police said.

    The four suspects then exited the location and were taken into custody, police said.

    They were expected to be charged with weapons possession, police said. A spokesman for the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office said they had not yet been arraigned by Friday evening. It was unclear if they were being investigated in connection to the shooting.

  • >> should be able to beat those mothers and fathers

    @morralkan "There never was, there cannot be a 'juvenile delinquent.' But for every juvenile criminal there are always one or more adult delinquents—people of mature years who either do not know their duty, or who, knowing it, fail."  -from "Starship Troopers" (of all places)
  • saw some dummass kid wearing a "respect the shooter" t-shirt on Prospect.  How completely lame!
  • @tsarina How old was the kid? 

    @doublek Right on target! I wish parents were charged for the same crimes as their kids.
  • I would not want a parent to be charged for crimes that an adult child is alleged to have committed.
    "Jameque Moore, 26, Naquanda Campbell, 25, Quintin Fitts, 24, and Anthony Stukes, 28, were caught inside Moore's apartment at Saint Marks Ave. between Franklin and Bedford avenues after a witness who called 911 to report a 7:10 p.m. shooting said she saw the shooter flee into the building, police said."

  • Obviously at 18 the kid is his own legal entity. But you know when your teenager who is 14 is out with a gun you have failed society as a parent. 
  • Or you're working really hard to provide a home for him but don't have someone to watch him while you're at work.  Or you haven't been able to move and there are forces around you that are really hard to compete with.  
  • And/or, a parent is incarcerated already.

  • tsarina said:

    saw some dummass kid wearing a "respect the shooter" t-shirt on Prospect.  How completely lame!

    I think that's a basketball reference (t-shirt is marketed by NIKE) and not a call to arms.

    Despite what some may think, sometimes the kids in the neighborhood are just kids.

  • It remains unclear to me whether there was a target involved in this shooting.

    From what I can piece together:

    1. One or two guns were fired on St. Marks, and a shooter ran into a house.

    2. Someone called the police, but could not provide the exact house.

    3. The police arrive. While they are trying to figure out which house, a bookbag full of guns is tossed out a back window of one of the houses they are watching.

    4. Which leads the police to conclude: That house!

    5. Teenagers and mothers were not involved.
  • Said kid was in his 20's. No nike logo seen , and it wasnt one of those nike t-shirts.  In a neighborhood where there is a "culture of youth violence" (direct quote from save out streets), I find the glorification of "shooters", gangsters offensive.  Shame on Nike to promote something with such a negative connotation. Yes. I will agree that sometimes the kids in the neighborhood are just kids, and there are a lot of really good kids here. 
  • I'm still wondering what was the goal to this shooting.

    On St. Marks, was a person shot at? [If so, I presume they missed.]

    Did the intended victim shoot back? [If so, they also missed.]

    Was a gun fired on St. Marks just to see whether it worked? [Yes, it worked]

    Were intoxicants were involved? [seems likely]

  • >> I would not want a parent to be charged for crimes that an adult 
    >> child is alleged to have committed.

    @whynot_31  for sure. the initial reports labeled the perps as "kids" is all.  but i wouldn't mind an experiment of civil penalties on parents like forfeiture of Section 8 vouchers, welfare payments, etc.  perhaps some public shaming too.
  • @Tsarina - it's definitely a basketball reference. I'm willing to bet there is more interest in basketball than gun violence in our neighborhood.
  • I'm not a sports fan and I don't follow/watch sports related stuff, but I read that as a basketball reference. I mean, people are free to take it anyway they want, but I'm guessing it was innocuous?
  • See here is the thing. When you become a parent, whether by choice or accident for the purposes of my argument are irrelevant, you become responsible for raising that kid to become a responsible member of society. Yes, many people face significant issues, underemployment, lack of education, financial hardship etc. Yet none of these lessen your responsibility as a parent. Even if a single parent you still have let's say natural responsibility to raise your child carefully.

    If your minor is running around committing crimes, with a gun, failing in school, or even behaving inappropriately that is on you as much as them. You need to get stop that behaviour if you are unable to you need to get them help. It's not easy of course but that's the nature of parenting. However it's your responsibility. I'm so sick of reading after shootings, "He is a good boy!" No he wasn't either you ignored it, are in denial or just didn't care enough to get him help. In any case you failed as a parent not just your child but society at large. Failing to lovingly and carefully raise a child is criminal or should be! When people fail society in a criminal manner they should be held accountable. 

    Of course society should do way more to help parents especially impoverished or single parents. We should reform ACS so it's a workable service and not the seventh circle of hell. We should have compulsory child raising classes for expecting parents, year long school, better access to contraception and thus fewer unprepared parents. I also strongly believe we need better and cheaper access to mental health care for children. Yet, none of these take away from a parent's responsibility to raise their child correctly. 
  • I absolutely agree with you, Newguy. People who throw a bag of loaded guns out of a window are not good boys or girls, in my opinion.
  • To my surprise, Save Brooklyn Now still exists and continues to run unedited NYPD press releases. Here's the press release for the above incident:

    It is still unclear why an individual fired a gun on the street (the initial caller apparently stated it was at the corner of Franklin and St. Marks, 663 Franklin Avenue).    We will likely never know.   

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