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"Urban renewal"

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  • What used to be known as urban renewal ? Why not, please explain? When I think of urban renewal, I think of disastrous 1960s slum clearance and public housing concentrations....
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    Prior thought:
    Compared to a few years ago, Nostrand between EP and Atlantic is now devoid of people and businesses.    Someone from outside the neighborhood might conclude it is a street in decline.

    No, we are not seeing "urban blight".   We are seeing a version of what used to be known as "urban renewal".

    In the case of Nostrand Ave in CH, we have the result of upzoning, gentrification, and assertive policing.   

    I believe we need a new term for this.   I understand the old meaning of Urban Renewal.   I am proposing that the "movement of people" is similar to what occurred then.

    In its present form, the market leads the change, and government power is used as an adjunct.  
    Whereas, in the past, government took the lead and it was assumed the market would follow.

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    Eventual community business advancement. ECBA for short? I'm sure someone else has something better. 
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    I am thinking something like "1-2 punch".

    First demand drives up prices of existing land, then government further drives up the prices of existing land by upzoning, which literally makes the plots able to be "larger" (ie able to support a greater Floor to Area Ratio, FAR) and more valuable.

    Note, in this case, the process took about 15 years.   In my understanding, that is about how long ago those who owned property in Crown Heights began to petition the city for a rezone.   This rezone was finally passed last year: 
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    In Harlem, real estate brokers who are impatient with how slowly the local businesses are changing are literally opening their own coffee shops to improve the value of the properties they are trying to sell.

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