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Triangle sports on Flatbush is on the market

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They were at that location for almost 100 years

Here's the specs:

What do you think will work well in the space?

WSJ's take on it:

WSJ wrote: Mr. Rosa says he's been amazed by the neighborhood's transformation. "Twenty years ago, you would have never imagined this taking place," he said. "Fourth Avenue was a red-light district not too long ago."


  • I'm surprised it took this long. I imagine a restaurant or a Nike store will take the place of Triangle. If the zoning aw allows it to be expanded, maybe condos on top?

  • I've actually never been inside. I assumed that they would not be able to compete with the large stores (like Modells) on price and selection because they lacked economies of scale.

    They may have survived this long by selling uniforms (kids soccer, boy scouts, etc) to Slope parents.

    ...some other store will likely quickly fill that void if it is profitable.

  • I only went in there once (I'm not all that athletic) but I loved it. It was like stepping back in time and crammed to the brim with stuff. They had hockey skates for cheaper than I could find elsewhere. Hell, they had them at all. It seemed to me like they had more selection of actual sports needs than your average Modells.

    I'm surprised it took this long too, but it's really sad.

  • I liked their fishing gear section. They also gave processed fishing & gaming licenses.

  • Triangle was always the go to spot for less popular sports equipment. In the 80's it was the one place in north Brooklyn where you could fully outfit a lacrosse player from helmets to gloves to sticks and netting. Same with hockey equipment.

    It was also a great place for work clothes and boots (harkening back to its army/navy days). Its never been a place to pick up yoga mats or basketball jerseys, but it was always the spot for real sporting goods instead of sneakers and sweats.

    I also recall that when my dad was a Boy Scout troop leader, Triangle was one of the few places in BK that you could take your equipment list for scout camp and walk out with every item, including canteens, sleeping bags and compasses. Its an institution, and I'm sad to see it go. Got my high school letterman's sweater from those guys...

  • Homeowner-

    If I may ask, what did you letter in?

  • Basketball and track.

  • This makes me sad. I remember getting my girls scout uniforms from there and all my camping trip gear as a kid. They are also a treasure trove for old school sneakers.

    Their products were always quality, customer service was always top notch and the prices were always reasonable.

    I'm really sad to see them go.

  • This is sad, times changed they did not.


    Maybe they were doing fine the way they were and the landlord kicked them out because they got an offer on the land.

  • They aren't going out of business. The partners are shutting the business down and selling the property. The guys who old the business are older and they don't want to continue running the business.

  • damn.

    That means people who hate AY can't link the closure of the business to AY to further their viewpoint on others.

    Likewise, that means people who love AY can't link this closure to AY to further their viewpoint on others.

    I hate it when people actually are following motivations other than those we love to ascribe.

  • I think they were more affected by the down economy in the last couple of years, and the changes on Flatbush as a result of AY probably didn't help. But AY is only one contributing factor and not THE factor in the closure.

  • whew, I'm glad I can blame or credit AY a little.

    Otherwise, I'd have keep my mind open to other possible explanations, or (even worse), have to accept that sometimes I will never know why things happen.

    By believing everything is knowable, I can:

    - Fit everything into established paradigms

    - Blame things exclusively on "isms"

    - See the world in terms of good and evil.

  • I solve that problem by blaming everything on my boss - floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, the cancellation of Prime Suspect. It probably helps that no one asks me to explain the connection.

  • Bummer. They had very cheap prices and you could find equipment there that no other store had.

  • Mamacita-

    It sounds as if you should look for someone to blame. Have you thought about Obama or Bush? Surely this is the fault of one of them.

  • Are they having close-out sales that we can enjoy without feeling like a grubbing, opportunistic bastard since they're leaving on their own and not being pushed out?

    Even without any sales, when are they actually closing or has this happened already?

  • whynot_31 said:


    It sounds as if you should look for someone to blame. Have you thought about Obama or Bush? Surely this is the fault of one of them.

    I blame Canada!


  • Religious people seem to blame or credit God a lot.

  • karl blames technology

  • god blames karl

  • Whynot blames globalization.

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