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Lot on President street btw Franklin and Classon

I believe the exact address is 995 President street. It looks like a smaller house with a big lot in the front. Rumors say that it was recently sold and the new owner is planning on building a new building there. Anyone know anything? I would be curious as to what kind of building that would be.


  • Ok sorry for posting that multiple times. I got some kind of string error and it looked like it didn't go through....except it did....
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    yea, Brooklynian is being strange tonight.  

    That house has teardown written all over it.     

  • Too bad. I kind of like this house. I always thought it would be sort of cool to live there.
  • There's a few houses like that dotted around the nabe that are built in the rear of the lot.  They appear to have been built along with most of the other houses of that style, i.e. circa 1910.

    I'm not sure what the original purpose of such an arrangement would have been, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't too different from the use shown presently in the photo.
  • I can actually see that little house from my bedroom.  For the sake of my sleep, I hope they aren't building anything too big on the site.  Plus, I like being able to get some sunlight, which could disappear if they build it up too high.
  • A little digging reveals that the building was sold last September and a permit to demolish it was filed in March.  Which is to say that I should enjoy my sleep while I can.

  • Thanks for digging up the info.

    I kinda like the house too, or rather the idea of the house in a better shape along with a nice, private front yard....that is a lot of real estate right there.

    Wonder how tall a building they can build, and if it will be a "luxury" type of building.
  • The lot is 3275 sq ft.

    And, is located in a R-6 zone.    Here's a link to R6: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/zone/zh_r6.shtml

    But, I'll skip the zoning lecture for tonight and simply state that building occupied by The Classon is on a similar size lot, and now built to the max FAR allowed in a R6 for said lot size.    As far as I know, this building can't be quite this large because it is not a corner.   However, it should give you a realistic idea of what may come.


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