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Summer Internships Wanted


I seek your assistance in helping me find internships and summer jobs for the youth of Save Our Streets Crown Heights, and would like to tell you a little about the program.

Over the course of the last two years, the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center has formed a cadre of approximately twenty (20) youth living in western Crown Heights.

The youth are sick and tired of the violence that their peers engage in toward themselves and adults, and have received extensive training in how they (as youth) can play roles in stemming potentially violent situations before they get out of control.

An idea of the work they have been doing can be found by looking at their Facebook page

As a "perk" for doing this work, we are going to try to help them find summer jobs and internships.

I know the staff members of who operate this program and the youth being served, and hereby request that readers of Brooklynian help me with this task. We are starting "the hunt" in Mid-April, because we want every youth to get a chance to interview for a placement by the time school gets out.

Please contact the staff member pictured on the left side of the photo, Ruby-Beth Buitekant, to discuss any opportunities and questions you may have.

She can be reached via Facebook.

If you PM me, I will give you her email.

Sincerely yours,



  • Summer programs for teens are also a great option!

  • More info RE: how these youth are spending their time:

  • CHCA is helping spread word about this effort:

    My thanks to them, and the folks that have already contacted Ruby-Beth.

    P.S. Readers who live in other neighborhoods are welcome to help in this effort....

  • Things like this work:

    Thanks for keeping them coming...

  • BTW, if you know a youth who might benefit from joining the group, new members are being sought.

    You could give them this (if I may say so...) awesome recruiting video:

  • Do you mind if I put this on Nostrand Park!

    I love this!!!!!

  • go for it!

  • Update: Word has it that every youth has a placement for the summer.

    However, if you have a potential placement, please contact me. Yours might be an even better fit than those we already have in the works.

  • In case you wondered what these youth can look like when not dressed in matching purple tshirts, I provide a photo of the YO SOS graduation:

    Off to their internships and the rest of their lives, they go!

    Interviews for next year's cadre will begin soon. Do you know a youth in the catchment area? The square formed by Kingston ave, Eastern Parkway, Utica, and Atlantic....

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    Update: The goal has been achieved! About twenty (20) youth have been accepted into the 2012 - 2013 Y.O. SOS team. is August 29th, and applications were supposed to be completed by Aug 13th. However, YO SOS could accommodate up to ten (10) more. Know a youth who might be interested? It isn't too late....

  • Over the past few months, some of you may have wondered just how many youth this program was able to successfully recruit for the next cycle.

    Others may have wondered who decorated the storefronts along Kingston Ave for the holidays.

    To answer both questions, I present a photo of this year's cadre, posing with certificates from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for decorating Kingston Ave:

  • It is February, but this year's youth and their case managers are already looking forward to summer:

  • Mike why don't u invite the youths to the town hall meeting march 23 rd where they can voice their dreams of having a summer job merchants will be there

  • They have already been invited. I think they will show up.

    In terms of unpaid internships we are looking for office settings, and placements will be screened to make sure they are a good fit.

    In terms of paid summer jobs, we are helping them hunt on the open market. Coney Island has a lot of openings!

  • Happy spring!

    The efforts of the youth and their case managers is now in high gear. This year's group has 3 months to go until it graduates from the program. The goal at graduation is for everyone to have job or internship set up for the summer...

    Here's the official pitch:

    YO SOS Staff wrote: After the youth in YO S.O.S. graduate from the program, they spend their summers working, interning, or attending camps where they can continue to build on the skills they developed in YO S.O.S. In preparation for this coming summer, the staff and youth organizers of YO S.O.S. have begun searching for summer employment opportunities for program participants.

    Both staff and youth organizers are on the lookout for promising jobs and internships. Over the next few months, staff will work with the youth organizers to find and identify organizations and activities the youth organizers would like to be a part of over the summer. YO S.O.S. will support the youth organizers as they apply and interview for these jobs and internships. The youths will then set out over the summer on experiences that will help them keep developing into effective messengers, advocates, and activists.

    In the past community members and supporters of YO S.O.S. have helped in a variety of ways.

    YO S.O.S. supporters have donated money to fund a Youth Organizer's unpaid internship

    Local business owners have agreed to interview Youth Organizers for positions in their stores

    Youth programs with summer jobs components have opened their doors to YO S.O.S.

    Programs and companies have hired Youth Organizers!

    Supervisors have written letters on behalf of Youth Organizers to encourage others to hire from YO S.O.S.

    To reach this goal, YO S.O.S. is searching for opportunities far and wide. If you know of any organizations interested in bringing on talented and motivated high schools students over the summer, please be in touch with YO S.O.S. at 718-679-9414 or rbuitekant@crownheights.organd

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  • Are there any specific fields the kids are looking to get into?

  • There are, and Ruby ( is able to tell you about each participant and their specific goals for the summer. She has worked with closely with them for the last year!

    With help, she is matching kids to opportunities that suit them best.

    Here's the good news: She has about 25 kids in Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets, so there is a good chance that she will be able to match you with a participant regardless of the specific nature of the opportunity you have available.

    Note, the unpaid opportunities (aka internships) are also screened to ensure that they have the potential to provide the kid with a genuine learning opportunity. Hence, it is unlikely that she'd send you a youth at an unpaid food service job, but she would seriously consider sending you a youth if you had an interesting office setting.

    Paid settings of ALL VARIETIES are considered.

  • This year's work is now complete.

    The youth have all been matched with internships and jobs, and photos of graduation have been taken.

    See you in a few months, when recruitment will begin for next year's contingent.....

  • Happy End of August!

    As promised, here is the application form for the 2013 - 2014 cadre

  • Last year's flyers worked well enough that they only slightly modified them for this year:

    They still have spaces left!

  • Although it's still January, the youth have begun practicing interview skills and creating a resume.Action shot:
  • Bump!

    It is now the end of April, and prime time for these youth to start interviewing.

    If you know of any organizations interested in bringing 
    on talented and motivated high schools students over the summer, 
    please be in touch with YO S.O.S. 
    at 718-679-9414 or 
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    This video features last year's cadre, but belongs on this thread.

  • From various other e-mail listservs:

    NYCDOE is proud to offer many summer educational opportunities/internships for 
    NYC students.

    NYC Department of Education Environmental Study Center
    New York Botanical Garden
    Harlem DNA Lab
    Cornell University Cooperative Extension NYC Hydroponics Learning Lab
    New York Aquarium
    Queens Zoo
    Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
    Staten Island Zoo
    SUNY College at Old Westbury
    Queens Botanical Garden
    Bronx Zoo
    Prospect Park Zoo

    To access programs and online registration clink on link below:

    Good News!  

    Student Applications for the Summer Internship Program deadline has been extend
    till May 8!Students can apply to participate in this excellent program on our
    web site

    Summer Internship Program

  • Thanks. I believe every youth obtained an internship this summer.

    Recruiting has begun for the 2014 - 2015 group.

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    Recruiting for this year continues:

    Photo of last year's cadre, as they complete the program:


    They will help pass the torch to the group presently being recruited....
  • Photo of the 2014 - 2015 cadre:

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    March has arrived.

    The work to find every member a summer job or internship has begun. Because the past placements have been a success, many of the prior employers have agreed to hire a new youth this summer.

    If you have a placement and would like to join the mix, reach out to Heather Day. Her contact info can be found here:

    While paid internships are sought, if you were able to offer a "really good" internship that was unpaid she might be able to access some funding to pay the youth for the experience.

    ...all internships are screened for a good fit.
  • Hi everyone,

    Our summer jobs search is in full swing for this year's YO S.O.S. cohort! We have 18 talented, dedicated young people eager to work this summer and we need your help to make it happen!

    As has been said in past years, there are many ways that neighbors and local businesses can help:

    • YO S.O.S. supporters can donate money to fund a Youth Organizer's unpaid internship
    • Local business owners and community agencies can interview Youth Organizers for positions in their stores
    • Supervisors and supporters can write letters on behalf of Youth Organizers and circulate the flyer below to encourage others to hire from YO S.O.S.
    For more details see our latest blogpost: and contact Heather at or 646-789-1201

    YO SOS Summer Jobs Flyer-page-001
  • They should apply to the Summer Youth Employment Program for paid internships. The New York Historical Society and the Met have summer internships as well.
  • Thanks! We are looking into all these options, Brooklyneye. Unfortunately, since SYEP is a lottery, many youth don't get it. The Met program is also very competitive. We are looking into another Met as well though - the supermarket!

    It'd be great if local businesses were able to bring on one or two youth this summer. They are a great group!
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    "We hung out with five teens from Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets
    (YO SOS) to talk about urban youth life-being stereotyped, teen violence
    and what its like to grow up in Brooklyn.The conversation will continue
    at our town hall Youth #‎BHeard Fighting For A Voice. We’re looking
    beyond the violence gone viral and trying to connect with the real
    issues facing urban youth. Join us on June 17th from 7-9 PM."

    For details on Town Hall:

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    1. Town Hall is this evening. Yours truly will be in the audience.

    2. They graduated last week, and the staff member who organizes the group wrote up a summary of their year:

    3. I have been told all participants have secured an internship for the summer.

    In a few months, recruiting for a new cadre will begin....
  • Wonderful young people. 
  • Thanks for the update and all your support whynot_31!

    We had a great year and are so proud of the youth. We have actually secured jobs and internships for 13 out of 19 youth and the other 6 are still looking! If anyone has leads, please email

    Shout out to a couple local businesses and supporting organizations who are serving as employers -- Deck Salon, Sorayah's Salon, Brooklyn Independent Media, and Diaspora Community Services!

    Here are a couple photos from tonight's town hall - it was a great event!

  • Guy with baseball cap in first photo = Hot97 DJ.
  • Recruitment for 2015 - 2016 has begun:

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    Here is how a youth would apply:

    Readers could give the link to parents of local teens who live in eastern Crown Heights....
  • The 2015 - 2016 cadre has been formed, and is getting to work.
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