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illegal donation bins popping up everywhere - Page 7 — Brooklynian

illegal donation bins popping up everywhere



  • Looks like Viltex has started placing bins made of (much cheaper) plywood, instead of the usual custom-fabricated metal ones:


  • I have seen those around. I suspect it is in response to having a bin removed being a real possibility.

    They also look like they'd be easier than the metal ones for a few people to move onto the street, where sanitation can PRESENTLY remove debris without having to wait 30 days.

  • The bin that was bolted to sidewalk  with a fence around it at Park Pl and Nostrand is gone.
  • Bin on Lincoln Road and Washington 
  • You mean like this @whynot_31?

    Donation bin
    They welded it to the now becomes a DOB violation.
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    Article in today's NY Post:

    City Council will see if the can city fine and remove the bins on city property right away.

    Hearing on Sept 8th.
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    Until then, here's a happy photo:

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    This morning I saw that the bin at Washington and Sullivan has also been tagged. 

    This bin has been removed. Any others in the area?
    This morning I noticed that another bin has replaced this one. ( I know I didn't see it on Saturday when I walked by the lot at 1 Sullivan Place) Yet, it's already been tagged. 

    I will post pics when I can.
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    Replacement bin on Sullivan Place by Washington
  • There is also a bin on Sullivan and Franklin, not with tags though.
  • the bin on Prospect and Nostrand was tagged twice but they are now buried under posters.  Nice dodge.
  • I read somewhere that people removing (or, in this case obscuring) the tags is a problem, but that the real problem is that Sanitation doesn't presently have the resources to remove all of the bins that are visibly tagged over 30 days ago.

    The bins are like tribbles.
  • There were a couple of kids rolling dice under the shuttle tracks on Prospect Place the other day right where the old bin used to sit.  It seems that the city is reclaiming the space and everything is back to its natural order.  However, there is still a pile of (now soaked) clothes to mark where the bin once stood..
  • I am just glad that the city now struggles to remove clothing bins, as opposed to abandoned cars.

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    I saw a pink one on the corner of Franklin and Atlantic this past Saturday night.
  • Now cars are worth more to scrap dealers so you need not abandon it someone will pay for it and tow it.  Now maybe the city should authorize scrap dealers to pick up the bins?
  • I doubt the ones made from chip board have any value. Scrapers would leave those.
  • Update: This bin is gone.
    Replacement bin on Sullivan Place by Washington

  • bin at Nostrand and Prospect Place is gone after tickets were covered with posters.
  • image

    The Commissioner of Sanitation speaks before the city council re: new bill being considered.
  • The City Council is expected to vote on the bill on 11/14, and pass it:
  • Looks like the City just modified or ,depending on how you see it ,confused the building code for what is allowable in a front yard. Wish they would have been more specific about the regulation of the color, shape, size of these bins for front yard installations in non-landmarked lots. Coz this will be another can of worms one day.   It is noted that Landlords are responsible for trash outside the bin this way not the bin owners.
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    It would not surprise me if we began to see vacant storefronts serve as "popup" collection sites.

    ..some rent is better than none.
  • I like that and pop up resale of collected items.
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    Fast forward several months:

    The bins are largely gone. People who used to fill them, now simply throw their clothes away. The clothes go to a landfill. Companies do not profit from what many imagined was an act of generousity.


    Well written article on same:
  • I went to one of the city's orientations for the e-CycleNYC electronics recycling pickup program, and the same person also runs the re-fashioNYC program for clothing donations. Apartment buildings with at least 10 units can request their own donation bin for clothing, accessories, towels, linen, curtains, clean rags, and fabric scraps. It keep clothes out of landfills, and any proceeds support Housing Works.
  • Whynot, progress comes in many forms over time. Don't let your imagination jump to easy conclusions
  • I like the re-fashioNYC program. If run well, it seems like it should cost the public very little.

    In theory, the city could run a better looking and functioning clothing business than the private companies did.
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    That bin operator got greedy, and actually used the names of non-profits without their permission or giving them a cut.

    The trick to keeping the AG at bay seems to be stating the clothing will merely be "recycled".

    ...put pictures of kids and their hand prints on the bins for -um- asthetic purposes.

    If you state "donation", also state that you are a for profit.   One can knowingly donate to a for profit after all.