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Loud party on Park Place?

Any idea what the address is? Anyone else want to call it in as well in the likely event it continues after midnight?


  • There is a very loud party in the backyards of houses on Lincoln pl. near Nostrand.  That's probably not the one you're thinking of if you're hearing it on Park Place.  These people and their DJ are very loud though.  The "host" just spoke on a microphone incredibly loudly.  It's been getting increasingly loud since the music came on at 7pm.
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    It would appear that mine decided to stop on it's own volition. Will miracles never cease? I doubt you and I were hearing the same one @tateinbk

    Actually is there some kind of lady singing? Cause tate I hear a very distorted and amplified lady singing. 

    And my block party just turned the music back on.
  • You're very lucky.  Our party is only ramping up.  Lots of fun sirens and sound horns.  I don't hear a woman singing here.  

  • August 3rd and the warm up to the parade is just beginning! September is such a lovely month.  Sorry for your pain.  We had a loud group of hipsters that had a party last nite in back of us.  Plenty of bass, but that crowd doesn't go for microphones (praise god). The party was so much less annoying than the parties of yesteryear that would happen down the block that I didn't even bother to get pissed off.  Again, my condolences for your idiot neighbors.
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    I will say a couple encouraging things about last night's events.  They were actually quieter than these particular people have been in the past.  Still LOUD, but we could still have conversations in the living room and we don't live that close.  They also shut down at 1:15am.  The music choices were more varied and more to my preferences this time.  I think they had a different DJ.  All my good feelings about them fled every time I heard a siren and actual rage rose when the host started yelling.  I would also have preferred the DJ not switch tracks so much.  If I have to listen to your music, at least let me enjoy it.  He transitioned terribly between songs.  Just before all went quiet it appeared the host was saying that they party was shutting down because 311 was being called, but the host and audience seemed to take it in stride.  

    So, if the hosts would keep the music at that level or just below and eliminated the sirens/horns and keep ending on the earlier side, I think we could all reach a happy level of compromise.  They get to keep having monthly parties and babies can sleep with the A/C on full blast for noise.  It was relatively promising actually. 
  • Welcome to our community... in Brooklyn we have a lot of West Indian cultures. In Manhattan there is a lot of European and Asian cultures. "If you move in my house, how dare you complain about the life I live. Just move...duh!, we love the diversity, but we hate the bloodsuckers, the 2000 pilgrims, the real estate against who blog as if they are neighbors, yet they live miles away. Be nice @newguy88 @tateinbk, you chose to move in our community, we been having fun, even when there was violence, we found peace in our music. We are in a great time, let's continue our journey of change and integration without discrimination. thus, before you blogg negativity on one's culture try to embrace it learn more about it and if it's not to your liking, move. Don't pilgrim the community (gentrification).
  • No one represents a culture.
  • @thenobleone said "[I]n Brooklyn we have a lot of West Indian cultures.In Manhattan there is a lot of European and Asian cultures."

    There are West Indians in Harlem, and Ukrainians and Chinese in Brooklyn. Not sure what that has to do with anything.
  • A lot of crappy human behavior gets justified in the name of culture or tradition. Culture is not as sacred as you think and it changes all the time. Maybe you should move instead if you don't like people complaining about your loud partying.
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