Vision Zero picks up speed
  • I'm not saying these stats aren't a good thing as far as safety is concerned but I guarantee Mayor Billy is licking his chops at the money this is bringing in.
  • Given how much money he is spending on the various municipal union contracts, he is going to need all the money he can get.

    The projected "health cost savings" are going to be very hard to achieve....
  • Of course, because the workers don't want to pay for their own health insurance. Unlike me, who shells out $1350 a month for the wife and myself.
  • I must admit that even if part of the motivation is raising money thru tickets, I am ok with Vision Zero so far.

    ....I am impressed that the police have complied with their new orders.
  • I'm not sure if anyone on this board remembers TIME'S UP - Critical Mass.    It was basically a pro-biking organization that engaged in civil disobedience:'s_Up!

    The group is still around, but as their cause has made progress (bike lanes, citibike, etc), they have lost many of their members.    The police also hate them, and effectively now make it very difficult for them to clog and block busy streets. 

    A far milder group (Ghost Bikes) has now taken the limelight.   Unlike Time's Up, they pursue their cause (memorializing dead bikers) in a way that is designed not to annoy lots of people:

    Now we have a group that wants to memorialize pedestrian deaths though the rapid application of spray paint:  

  • There's a ghost bike near me by the Firestone on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Empire Boulevard. I remember that story.

    It'd be nice to see pedestrian deaths memorialized through spray addition to makeshift memorials of candles, flowers, and teddy bears.
  • NYT article on Broadway (Manhattan) speed limit being lowered from 30 to 25 mph:

    A few blocks
    south, at 73rd Street and Broadway, where delivery trucks were idling in an
    unbroken chain, Anthony Henry, a driver for Fresh Direct who drives this
    stretch six days a week, said he thought that the new speed limit would help
    get cabdrivers under control.

    “Yellow cabs come through here speeding all the time,” he
    said. “They aren’t giving old ladies enough time to cross the street — they’re
    always trying to make the old ladies run,” he said.

    I don't think lowering speed limits does much; true results come from street redesigns... but symbolic moves in the right direction are better than nothing.

  • The average speed in Manhattan is about 6 mph according to the last study that was done so I don't think the slower limit will help much except on the avenue streets. Crosstown it's not going to change a thing. And as for the truck driver complaining about the cabs....well that the pot calling the kettle black because as we all know, everyone tries to make as much time up as they can. If they didn't there would be no jaywalkers either.
  • Wondering what Vision Zero entails at the agency level?

    It isn't a secret
  • If deBlasio were truly serious about Vision Zero, he would act to make it illegal for pedestrians and cyclists to wear earphones and text/phone while crossing a street. Of course there are bad drivers, but there are also a hell of a lot bad cyclists and pedestrians. 

    I didn't realize that the average crosstown Manhattan speed is 6MPH, pragmatic. Maybe the limit should be lowered to 4 or 5 MPH to further ensure pedestrian and biker safety. LOL
  • The law already restricts cyclist to wearing one earbud at a time. 

    If one is going to ban pedestrians from texting while crossing the street, one might as well ban pedestrians from texting while they are walking on the sidewalk!

    I can see average crosstown Manhattan speed being 6 mph. I drove into Manhattan yesterday. It;s bad. I wonder whether there there should be a separate lights for pedestrian crossing and vehicle movement. 
  • As the city becomes more populous and wealthy, I think traffic will get worse.

    Wealth = huge amounts of commerce and movement of people

    Vision Zero will leave the popular lexicon in a few years, and it should be interesting to see if it is deemed a success despite these factors.

    Will people declare that, although it may not have reduced traffic or injuries and deaths, there would have been more of them without Vision Zero?

  • How does NYC compare to Los Angeles as far as traffic injuries/deaths go?  LA is a big city that has limited public transportation options.  It is worth noting that pedestrians are much better behaved in LA, and jaywalking is actually enforced (at least more than we are familiar with here in NYC).
  • I don't think the city is going to get weathier. I think that a small portion of the city is going to be stupidly wealthy and everyone else is just going to be trapped here, biking and walking because they can't even afford to ride on the bedbug infested subways. Vision Zero is preparing us for this future.
  • Subway ridership has certainly soared over the past few years. Annual total rides increased by about 150M between 2007 and 2013.

    Yup, some of those riders are going to have bed bugs on them.
  • Just for out of every 25 people (or 4%) in NYC is a millionaire so how much more wealthy can the city get? It's a paradox to the statistic that states that NYC is the unhappiest city in the U.S.
  • Only if you don't think many people are happiest when they are complaining.
  • Are they complaining or bragging??
  • I think that depends on the individual.
  • How many cyclists have you seen wearing only ONE earbud, Mead?
  • morralkan said:

    How many cyclists have you seen wearing only ONE earbud, Mead?

    I can't say I've seen any. Honestly I don't pay much attention to cyclists at all. Those whom I do notice aren't wearing any. 
  • You need to be more aware of your surroundings.
  • morralkan said:

    How many cyclists have you seen wearing only ONE earbud, Mead?

    Well over half of those that wear them whenever I notice. I don't obsessively monitor cyclists for such things though given I've never seen one hurt or damage anyone or anything.
  • When cyclists are biking distractedly through intersections while grooving to their "music" or talking on their cell phones, they may not crash into anyone, but they can and do cause traffic accidents.
    I know that you hate all cars and think that bikers cycle on water.
  • Rats. I wish the Vision Zero map were open to accept more comments. I could add a few more comments about a nearby intersection or two. (Crossing Empire Boulevard in the morning sucks!)
  • I saw a NYPD police van pulling along double parked cars this evening threatening to give tickets if they didn't move. Hopefully the 77th is beginning to take double parking seriously! They could easily issue a ton of citations if they focused on Dean and Bergen.  

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