848 Franklin-Isatu African Food Market Closed
  • Now that retail spaces are slowly but surely filling up on the south side of Eastern Parkway, I figured a retail space opening up has become a bit more notable (granted, there are still a number of open retail spaces that have been open since seemingly forever the next block down between President and Carroll Street).  Given the church's opposition to any bar, I think we can safely rule out that option.  It's served as a store, in one form or another, for many years now.  I'll also be curious to see what happens to the old Pioneer Supermarket on the corner of Franklin and Union.  The rumor was that it would be another Bob and Betty's.  But is sounds like they're holding off on that plan for now. I sometimes see people in there working, but fairly rarely.  Doesn't seem like anything is really going on there, at least with any urgency.  Anyone know anything else about either of these spaces?  The area south of the Parkway seems primed for an explosion of new businesses over the upcoming few years.

    I also found this article, documenting the owner of the photo studio that used to be at 848 getting robbed and murdered there in 1992.

  • I was sad to hear about that very tragic story.

    I'm curious as to what business would go in on to this place. I wouldn't mind a sit-down Indian or Thai restaurant.

    For the former Pioneer, I am still living in the hope that it will, one day, become a beer garten.
  • Readers, we are jabbering about a site on Franklin, near President.   http://goo.gl/maps/qhnXH

    Tony (who owns Bob and Betty's) and his family are basically warehousing the former Pioneer site. He is not ready to invest the capital required to make it into either a beer garden or an upscale grocery at this time.

    Returning to the the African Food Market, yes, many places on Franklin Avenue south of EP are closing because:

    1.  Rent hikes on the commercial spaces.
    2.  The means and preferences of the neighborhood is rapidly changing.
    3.  Less foot traffic as a result of Trivoli Towers being approximately 50% vacant.   

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