We are getting a new bake shop on Bergen near Washington: It's being opened by BCake!
  • On Washington Ave (near Bergen) there is a storefront you have probably never been in, despite it being brightly lit and having lots of activity inside.   It's a bakery that makes custom cakes for retirements, weddings, and other events:   www.bkcakeny.com

    Just around the corner, (at 740 Bergen) they will soon be opening a shop for cravings that are more spontaneous and immediate in nature.     

    "We are looking forward to seeing you all & instantly satisfying your sweet cravings. We will offer cupcakes, pastries, small cakes, cake pops, paletas & much more e.g. cake classes & cake decorating birthday parties - STAY TUNED!"

    The new shop will be at the site of Just Deserts, a coffee shop type place that went under a few years ago.

    Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 12.21.48 PM
  • Yayyyyy!!!! Please keep us updated. ;-)
  • I know the ladies opening this place up. They all do fabulous food and deserts and I'm sure the place will be great.
  • Their existing business is quite successful.
  • BCakeNY had a storefront further up Washington, 702, between Prospect and St Marks. I never had the chance to sample them, because they were custom and by appointment only, but I heard good things about them. 

    D's Just Desserts was open as recently as September -- at least the smaller takeout storefront on Bergen itself -- when I got an assortment of their boozy cupcakes for a going away party. I believe they were known for a Hennessy cupcake but also had flavors like blueberry schnapps. Based on its Twitter feed, looks like it closed in March: https://twitter.com/dsjust_desserts. Glad we'll still have yummy things on that corner.
  • Hmm. I may have thought Just Desserts had been closed a while because they were not open during the evening.
  • A little-known fact about BCake's existing storefront is that while they do focus on their decorative/commercial business, they do keep a stash of freshly baked cupcakes in the back that they'll sell to walk-in customers. My wife & I have had them, and they're pretty damned good. We're happy to see that they're expanding to a full retail storefront.
  • They hope to make it happen, in part, thru a kickstarter page:

  • This is exciting!  BCake is great and the owners are very supportive of the community - regularly donating cupcakes and other treats to many of the local public schools for celebrations and fundraising.  Hopefully the community will return that support as they expand!

  • I expect their business to go head to head with the fancy cupcake shop coming to the former Pena location on Vanderbilt.

    Here's a rendering from their Facebook page:
  • Spoke to one of the owners and she indicated that in addition to the retail business they are going to be offering classes and demonstrations. Should be a great addition to the neighborhood.
  • Kick starter is working well for them:


    Looks like they are going to reach their goal.
  • Oh boy. Two new bakeries that sell booze-infused cakes in the neighborhood? Butter and Scotch better not do the same thing or I'll be at risk for not only diabetes but also alcoholism...
  • Spirited and B&S seem as if they will be places to get desert after dinner, whereas BCake seems like it will be an upscale shop.

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