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Cable/internet -- Optimum raising rates; what are the alternatives?

I just opened a letter from Optimum and my triple-play package (including phone, which I previously took because it was essentially free) is now going to cost $145/month before taxes, fees, etc. I was paying c. $134 all inclusive. Anyone have suggestions of cheaper internet/cable providers (I can do without the landline)? I live in Prospect Heights, east of Flatbush, north of Eastern Pkwy.


  • If you call them and start trying to cancel things they can usually work with you. Same thing happened to me this year and I called to cancel the landline and to cancel my Showtime and I don't know what they did but they improved the price a bit. It was a bit of an epic fail though because I ended up keeping Showtime and adding HBO and now I pay even more, but less than what they initially wanted.

  • Leave altogether. Have them shut cable and phone down leaving you with a $55 internet fee. Then get an antenna like the Mohu Leaf. Spend 2 months wondering at all the TV you're getting for free. Then they will send you an off of Internet + Cable for $60 a month for a year. Debate whether now that you've experienced antenna tv whether you even want to pay for it ever again and know that they will drop more fees on so it won't actually be $60 for a year. But if you want it, you could end up paying less than you have for the last year anyway.

  • Do you have a cell? If so cancel the home phone! Why pay for two phones?

    As for cable I've never paid for cable TV per say. I had netflix and still have Amazon Prime for all my TV cable needs. I do have to find a bar that shows soccer but hey what can be better then craft beer and proper football? Also you can look into Hulu an Hulu Plus. Also a friend swears by Apple TV but I don't know much about it but he loves it. Keep in mind you have to buy the box for $99 and rent or buy shows through iTunes. Also ribbons is right on the money call and threaten to cancel they'll try to keep you.

  • Just keep the Internet.

    Google Voice provides a free universal phone (I've used for a few years now)

    if you don't want to use a headset (relying on your pc) -- this is supposed 2b a plug and play option for GV and your existing phone

    Free Digital HD OTA (Over the Air) comes in crystal clear -- though sometimes the channel 11s (yes there is more than 1 free channel 11) drop out


    Additional Options might include


    or Android Mini PC (more versatile)

    or maybe Roku Box

  • ive been doing internet only from optimum the last couple years, it's great. i have a mohu leaf which is ok but a bit spotty since i cant put it near a window to catch all the HD rainbows floating around the air. i mainly use aereo now for tv, it's basically network HDTV over the internet ( - full disclosure, referral link).

    also ive seen verizon trucks all up and down vanderbilt the past few weeks which leads me to believe fios is coming soon to this strip. optimum recently doubled my internet speeds for free, which probably means they are trying to cut off defections at the pass. if you call optimum and say you want to switch to fios, those are probably the magic words to a reduced price.

  • BTW I dropped out of Cable TV years ago.

    I had to return the cable box.

    I decided to mail it to them instead of going to Cablevision in person..

    not sure what the situation is these days but this looks helpful

    not sure why someone in Prospect Heights would need to pay for aereo when Free OTA works great in the hood. Maybe there are other reasons .. like you travel and want remote access or access in your office etc.

  • I'm not a customer, but Aereo also lets you record broadcast tv on your own personal DVR, which they keep on the other side of the internet for you. Pretty interesting, if you're into TV or time-shifting.

  • I might consider this guy over aero

    then again i'm not really in the market for one.

  • Just read all of these -- thanks a ton for the suggestions! It will take me a while to process all of them, but it sounds like I should be paying only for internet and using Mohu leaf or Aereo (will use the referral link if that's what I decide to do) for TV. I don't watch a ton of TV, although I'd like to have access to some basic cable stations if possible.

    I really appreciate everyone's answers -- I really didn't have a clue about the alternatives. Thanks!

  • Optimum just raised my rate for internet from $49.95 to $59.95. They wouldn't budge about lowering it because I apparently had a promotional offer. Funny thing was when I signed up for it I just missed a promotional offer according to the sales rep. 

    I think I'm stuck with them because Verizon DSL sucks. I don't have good enough cell service in my place to make that worthwhile. Ugh, looks like I'm stuck with the rate increase. 
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    Hang up, and call again; threaten to cancel; actually transfer to a cancellation specialist.  If they still don't budge and if you can hack it, actually cancel for a day or two, then call back.

    If you can't deal without internet for a day or two, just keep calling and calling until you get what you want.  Hang up; call again; repeat.

    You may also consider putting it on someone else's name to get the current promotion.

    This was the advice given to me;  however, I have Triple Play, and when the rate went  up, we settled on additional services (higher speed, more channels, etc.) to justify the increased rate. I didn't have the time to hang up and call again, and I cannot go without internet, even for a day.
  • The cancellation people will do everything they can to keep you.  Even if you schedule the cancellation they will soon call you with the offer of higher speed internet plus TV for $84/mo for two years.  However, if you're just wanting to pay for internet you may just have to suck up and take it since there aren't better internet options.  
  • the cancellation dept at optimum is not quite as eager to keep you these days. my rate (internet only) was raised a few months ago and ive been calling the cancellation dept every month or two to see what they can do. they never can do anything and always say that i just missed a promotion and to call back again next month. 
    verizon fios is now live on my block but not at my building yet, im just waiting for the day when i can call and cancel for real.
  • I always find it interesting that people who work for companies want to get a raise in pay but when a company wants a raise they'll do anything to avoid it.
  • @foolio cable companies aren't going to do any favors for cord cutters.  They are furiously trying to keep people watching traditional cable TV.  They're not thrilled with the idea that you're probably streaming everything you would have before watched on TV.
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