871 Park Place for sale $2,975,000! I guess it has History in its past life? - Brooklynian

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871 Park Place for sale $2,975,000! I guess it has History in its past life?

" Landmarked 7 family building is located in Crown Heights. The owners initially
started the renovation of the building. The owners have now decided to
place the building on the market. The building will be delivered vacant
at closing. The building occupies a 30 feet by 115 feet lot. There may
be an opportunity to add an additional 1800 square feet to the building.
The first floor currently has an extension that occupies most of the
length of the lot. The building needs substantial rehabilitation however
the size and location of the building makes it an excellent long term
income inv...estment. We advise all prospective buyers to bring a contractor and/or engineer to the initial viewing." Trulia

Any one know the story behind this odd front entrance?


  • I know a couple people in the building. They're all retired and have lived in the area for decades. I really hope they don't have to move however I fear they just might. 

    As for the building itself it is indeed a very interesting building. I however don't no anything about its history.
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