VBar Eatery: 774 St Johns (near Rogers) wants to sell us food and drinks — Brooklynian

VBar Eatery: 774 St Johns (near Rogers) wants to sell us food and drinks

An entity known as "V Bar and Eatery" is seeking a kitchen inspection. It looks like this spot was a restaurant before.

http://www.nychealthratings.com/nycrestapp/restaurantlanding/3/Crown Heights/39710/V+Bar+Eatery+Llc


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    Obligatory photo of the storefront from a while ago:
  • I'm not certain if this place is open yet, but the storefront certainly looks different than it used to.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 5.10.24 PM

    Their location in bedstuy is open and seems to be getting very good reviews:

  • Here is their Yelp manifesto:


    We are the 1st vegetarian/ vegan Soul Food restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. We focus on creating FRESH meatless foods that provide numerous health benefits to our body; while keeping that southern flavor.  Organic, Gluten Free and Dairy Free Foods are the products that we love. Mac & cheese, Collard Greens, yams, brown rice & mixed vegetables, Rainbow veggie medley, Ginger "chicken", Pepper "steak" and  Lentil loaf are just a few of the dishes we offer (all meatless & made without dairy). We also offer Fruit Infused waters, Fresh fruit & vegetable juices, smoothies and desserts (banana pudding, carrot cake and more). 
    *Menu Changes Daily*


    Established in 2014.

    VBar eatery is the 1st Vegetarian/Vegan Soul Food Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. We provide plant based food dishes that include but not limited to veggies, fruits, beans, peas, lentils, whole grains, nuts, and seeds; all major sources of nutrition. Our meals are low in fat, high in fiber and according to the ADA, can lower risk for developing:
    -Heart disease
    -Colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers
    -Hypertension (high blood pressure)

    We have 2 locations in Brooklyn, NY:
    515 Franklin Avenue (Bedford Stuyvesant)
    774 St. John's Place (Crown Heights)

    Meet the Business Owner

    Yasmin T.
    Yasmin T.Business Owner

    Yasmin is born and raised locally in the Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) area of Brooklyn.  Thinking back to what she can remember, her parents always cooked delicious southern style dishes. Though rich in flavor, they were also rich in saturated fats, refined sugar and butter. The neighborhood was filled with fast food restaurants, fish & chip spots and local bodegas. 30+ years later- Yasmin has found a way to give back to her community by offering healthier food options to the neighborhood.  She believes with eating healthy & soul conscious consuming- YOU will live longer and YOU can find comfort in knowing that VBar eatery is here to provide just that.

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